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Keep telling yourself, only 7-1/2 inches of annual rainfall, 325 sun-filled days per year and more than 200 golf courses. Think you can get your fill of the golfing life in the Valley of the Sun? Maybe they ought to call it the Valley of the Dimpled Ball, the lifestyle is so prevalent. And while over 2-million visitors play golf in the Phoenix area every year, they account for only one-third of all the golf rounds. If you move to Arizona to play golf, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a game!

With 125 area golf courses, the Scottsdale/Phoenix area has emerged as one of the country's top golf destinations.

Perhaps the attraction comes down to weather ­ the average temperature is 70.3°F year round, with 86% sunny days ideal golf conditions. As Jack Nicklaus points out, "From well-conditioned greens and fairways, to breathtaking scenery, to outstanding weather, Arizona golf is truly an enjoyable experience."


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