Arizona Company Puts Fun In Short-Game Practice Introducing Gocce ball

Gocce™, (pronounced “gotchie”) is an innovative, new golf training game played in a similar manner to the ancient Italian ball sport of Bocce. In Bocce, players hand-toss heavy, softball-sized balls at a target ball called the Pallino. In Gocce, golfers use their own clubs along with an Official Gocce ball™ Set which consists of quality brightly-colored regulation golf balls to chip, pitch and/or putt for points at a target golf ball coined the Puttalino™.

Arizona Company Puts Fun In Short-Game Practice Introducing Gocce ball

Aiming for the Puttalino golf ball instead of a flag or cup means that Gocce golf can be taken off-course just about anywhere that it is reasonable and safe to practice short-game golf shots. Play as far as 50 or 60 yards down to a few yards. The bright colors of each teams/players balls can be differentiated from each other at a distance.

Play an entire game out of the practice bunker to work on sand-shots or have a quick chipping match on the tee box while waiting for the fairways to clear. Of course you can play Gocce on the practice green too, but with no need for the holes. After a few Gocce matches, you’ll see how distance-accuracy translates to lower scores.

Maximize practice by bringing Gocce home to the backyard or living room. Challenge family members and friends who don’t even golf to a quick game-they might be lured to the dark side. Play Gocce one-on-one, teams of two or four and four all thanks to multi-colored imprinting on the balls. It’s so fun that players won’t realize that they are taking up to 36 short-game practice shots each in about a 20-minute game.

Since most golf shots are short-game shots, why do most golfers spend all of their practice time at the driving range! However, the real training edge doesn’t come from the amount of practice that you could be getting with Gocce, but from the competitive, “...this shot has got to count!” attitude that you could be practicing with. It’s all about practice, so why not make it Fun AND Make It Count! 


Gocce ball™ was recently unveiled to rave reviews at the 2010 PGA Fall Expo. Since inventing Gocce in an Arizona backyard in April, 2010, Bill Burrows and Tom Dillon, a Father and Son-in Law tandem, have reported vast improvement in their own short-games. Bill, who has been playing golf for 35 years and is also a certified golf instructor says, “Hardly a day goes by that Tom and I don’t find a few minutes for a match. I now spend more time chipping in a week than I used to in a year!” 

Tom, a neophyte to golf agrees, “Just having the club in my hand everyday has made my chipping and putting stroke feel totally natural.” Plus, say Tom and Bill, “You can’t deny the competitive edge in a game of Gocce Ball™. It trains the mind to make shots under pressure!”

Friends whom Bill and Tom shared the secret with early-on and helped with product development have also discovered the benefits of Gocce. Ron Paschall from San Tan Valley, Arizona says “My wife and I love golf and have played and enjoyed Bocce but when our friends introduced us to Gocce Ball™, we were hooked!! We are so competitive...and this game really puts us on a level playing field. Anyone can compete, you don't have to be a good golfer, but it will help turn you into one!”

Luke Hoffman from Reno, Nevada says, ”I don't know how many times I've been to the driving range with little or no improvement in my overall game. Gocce Ball™ was the perfect way for me to be at home, save cash, improve my game and actually have a good time doing it.

Gocce Ball™ is an inexpensive, fun and competitive way to practice and improve your golf game. For more information or to purchase your own set, visit


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