Byron's Golf Tournament

Byron CawthonAn important golf event— Byron’s Golf Tournament, will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at the beautiful Las Sendas Golf Club.

Byron’s Golf Tournament is named after Byron Cawthon, a 2-year old from Mesa, Arizona who suffers from Epilepsy, a common chronic neurological disorder characterized by seizures.

Proceeds from this inaugural event will help Byron’s family defray the high cost of medical treatment for this unfortunate disease. The day will feature 18 holes of golf, a tasty post-round lunch as well as contests, awards and raffle.

There are many ways that you can help and they range from financial donations, to volunteering at, playing in and/or sponsoring Byron’s Golf Tournament.

Las Sendas Golf Club, host site of the inaugural Byron’s Golf Tournament

For more information, contact Trudy Blount at 602.326.0553 or email her at

To register for the event, CLICK HERE

Byron’s Story

On August 31, 2008, after a typical pregnancy & uncomplicated delivery, Byron Cawthon was born on his "due date". Much to the delight of his parents and family, he was perfect in every way. A long anticipated blessing, Byron has brought so much joy into the lives of his family. Watching his growth, they often marvel at the miracles of early human development. Witnessing the firsts: first smile, first laugh, first crawl, first walk, first words, etc. These events have inspired many laughs & tears of joy, not to mention the photos & videos trying desperately to capture these magical moments. The year of his second birthday, Byron was growing in leaps and bounds! Walking, running, dancing, climbing & digging were just a few of the daily activities of this little adventurer. Visiting Blount Contracting daily, while his mom worked, he surprised her by learning the names of all the heavy equipment! He could also recite the names and mimic the sounds of most animals from the farm to the savannah.

On January 6, 2011, little Byron's life changed when he had his first seizure. Within weeks of this initial seizure, Byron was experiencing two different kinds of seizures. One type is commonly referred to as a "grand mal" and the other is a "drop attack". Drop attacks are seizures, which look like he's passed out suddenly, only instead of collapsing to the ground, his body stiffens and he throws his head straight back as fast as he can. There is no warning for a drop attack, and one can't stop it; even if you're standing next to him and see it begin, you just end up getting to watch his head slam on the ground. This is the main reason that Byron wears a helmet fulltime. After many trips to the Emergency Room, he was then hospitalized in two different facilities for 7 days, and slowly began to regulate on medication. On 3 seizure meds, 3 times a day, he enjoyed a 2 week "holiday" from the seizures. Then, this past March 6 through April 15, he experienced 6 to 100 seizures per day. Some weeks the medications made it impossible for Byron to speak or do anything besides eat, sleep, & drool. Additionally, his development has become greatly interrupted. On April 15th, after his 6th EEG during his 3rd hospitalization, his meds were changed and his quality of life began to get a little better. He is currently taking a variety of medications and although his seizures have decreased, he is still not “seizure free”. Byron wears a helmet to protect him from injury in the event of a "drop" or "grand mal" seizure. He currently presents with mild delays in the areas of cognition, fine motor skills and a significant delay in communication skills. He is being treated by a pediatric neurologist with the Barrow Institute, however, the cause of the seizures is still not known. There are many more treatment options and tests that can be done, but unfortunately, his insurance will simply not cover the cost.



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