Donna Bonn Designs Inks LPGA Pair

Donna Bonn Designs Chandler’s Donna Bonn Designs, fresh off their successful debut at the 2009 PGA Fall Las Vegas Expo, is continuing to make a splash on the women’s golf scene. Bonn recently signed LPGA up and comers, Anna Grzebien and Brandi Jackson

Donna Bonn Designs are stylish, versatile and by the way feature environmentally-friendly fabric with a soft, stretchy feel. The fit and the distinct
look are two key reasons why these young stars
have already began sporting DBD.

“Can I say...super cute??!!!!,” Grzebien gushed. “I am going to ROCK the Seville shirt”.   

Anna Grzebien  Brandi Jackson

Jackson was a little more understated, but no less impressed. "It’s the fit and style of what I've always wanted in women's golf clothing. It very hard to find cute, well fitted, modern and fashionable women's golf clothing but Donna Bonn Designs has done it. I can't wait to see what new ideas and designs will be included in next season's line."

Look for more news on Anna and Brandi and potentially more “Bonn Girls” during the 2010 LPGA Tour. Donna Bonn Designs—Where Play Meets Fashion.

For more information about the line, or where to get your own apparel, visit


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