Encanterra - A Trilogy Country Club

Encanterra – A Trilogy Counry Club, AZ When you catch your first glimpse of the Valley’s newest golf course – Encanterra, A Trilogy Country Club – the thing that strikes you is just how green it is. True, it’s a golf course. It’s supposed to be green. But, most courses built over the past few years, seem almost bashful about that fact by comparison. Not Encanterra. It just unfolds in front of you. Wave upon wave of emerald fairways accented by trees, flowers, white sand bunkers and flowing water.

And, unlike many other modern private Clubs, Encanterra’s membership is not limited to the residents of the community it anchors, and it is not age-restricted.

Rather, Encanterra Trilogy Country Club offers a variety of non-resident membership options with flexible financing, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an affordable private country club in the East Valley that can hold its own against the very best Arizona has to offer.

A big reason for Encanterra’s advantage over other club’s is its unique “core golf” routing, which maximizes the quality of the overall golf experience by limiting interaction with the residential component of a community to the periphery. It’s an old-school technique which was sacrificed on the altar of expediency by far too many modern developers.

The result is a golf course that – both in style of play and aesthetics – is much more similar to those built generations ago than its contemporaries. Considering Encanterra was created by Tom Lehman – himself a “throwback-style” shotmaker – this fact should not be surprising.

Taking their cues from celebrated oldline country clubs of the past, Lehman and his Lehman Design Group crafted Encanterra to present players with a wonderful array of challenges and beauty. It is an iconic golf experience that will thrill sophisticated, discerning players who appreciate the game’s subtle nuances.


So good in fact is the overall golf course at Encanterra that the club already has hosted the 2008 Gateway Tour Winter Series Championship, one of the most prestigious competitive golf events in the state.

Encanterra – A Trilogy Counry Club, AZ

“We are extremely proud of the work that our team and Lehman Design Group have done at Encanterra,” said Hal Looney, area president for Shea Homes, developers of Encanterra. “Basically, we said create a great golf course and we’ll build our community around it rather than through it. As a result, we have a truly magnificent, perfectly groomed and expertly laid out core golf course at Encanterra. Mr. Lehman spent a lot of time on the property and has given us a golf course that is well beyond anything we imagined. I believe it will come to be recognized among the top golf venues in the state.”

A true championship-caliber golf course, Encanterra blends stunning beauty with carefully planned challenges and countless risk-reward opportunities. The result is a stunning golf course capable of providing players at all levels with a firm, fair challenge. Lehman also incorporated traditionally styled bunkers and green complexes to emphasize short-game strategy, requiring players to employ good course management and shot selection to score well. To make the golf experience complete, Encanterra also provides its membership with an inviting social calendar of golf activities including regular weekly games and world-class competitive golf events for members and their guests. And, each member’s needs are attentively cared for by our highly trained professional staff.

“Good players will appreciate the nuances of strategy that this course presents,” Lehman said. “We’ve worked hard to create situations where players can choose to play a variety of shots. The course does not dictate which shots a player must play.”

Encanterra – A Trilogy Counry Club, AZ

He said a good example of this design philosophy is No. 12, a short par-4 that Lehman marks as one of his favorites on the golf course. Featuring just over 320 yards from the back tee, the green is drivable for longer players. However, water surrounds the left side of the green, there are bunkers to the right and the entire green complex slopes from right to left. This creates a risk-reward scenario in which players must decide to either play aggressively and go for the green in hopes of making an eagle or birdie or play a conservative tee shot in hopes of making par.


In addition to the world-class golf course, Encanterra offers the signature Trilogy lifestyle in a private country club setting. The entire community exudes the Old-World charm and welcoming ambiance of a Mediterranean countryside village. Yet it affords members a host of decidedly modern luxurious amenities such as a spectacular club with a lush day spa treatments, stateof-the-art fitness facilities and resort-style and junior Olympic swimming pools. Plus, Encanterra offers an inviting restaurant and café offering everything from inspired world-class dining to convenient casual fare. And, Encanterra will be a community for members of all ages.

To cater to the needs of your lifestyle, Encanterra provides three home collections ranging from the delightfully sensible to the prestigiously elegant. Within these collections, a tailored palate of 12 floor plans blends contemporary architecture, lifestyledirected convenience and energy efficient performance.

Encanterra – A Trilogy Counry Club, AZAll elevations boast the carriage house steel garage doors with wrought iron accents. Livable area ranges from 1,400 – 3,800 square feet. Your livable space is enhanced by the creation of unique features like outdoor kitchens, rolling walls that invite the “outside-in”, and Hals’ Garage – a fully finished workspace ready to take on any project. For ultimate flexibility, both one and two-story models are available.

Encanterra has affordable non-resident and resident membership options available.

As mentioned earlier, Encanterra offers one of the most affordable private club opportunities in the Valley. And, membership is not limited to Encanterra residents.

Currently, there are four membership categories: Golf, Social, Associate, and Invitational available at Encanterra. A Social membership is required upon purchase of a home at Encanterra, and a Golf membership is optional for an additional initiation fee. Non-residents of Encanterra may join the club via an Associate or Invitational membership. These membership categories grant equal access to all amenities.

All memberships are right-to-use (that means no member assessments) with flexible three- and five-year financing programs available for initiation fees and low monthly dues with unlimited access to golf. For a limited time the club is offering a variety of special introductory offers for membership.

These include:

  • Initiation deferment – New club members can defer 50 percent of the club’s initiation fee until the clubhouse is completed or until the end of 2009 (whichever is sooner). During that time members will pay monthly dues and enjoy full access to all of the available club amenities and services.

  • Membership transfer – Prospective members who are on resignation lists at other private clubs may join Encanterra now without the requirement or paying the initiation fee first. Rather this payment will be deferred until the new member receives payment from his or her former club.

For membership information or to learn more about Encanterra Trilogy Country Club, please contact Brooke Robar by email at brooke.robar@encanterra.com or by phone at (480) 677-8118. To learn more about the spectacular Encanterra lifestyle and available residential options, please visit www.encanterra.com call 800.685.6494. 


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