Exciting Times at Encanterra A Trilogy Country Club

Exciting Times at EncanterraIt wasn’t long ago when country club living conjured up thoughts of ultra secluded affairs and pompous people. Fortunately, that stuffy reputation has been curbed and old-fashioned stereotypes eased, as more attainable membership prices and friendly faces become the image of private clubs like Encanterra Country Club.

Nestled in the base of the Superstition and San Tan Mountains in San Tan Valley, Arizona, Encanterra Country Club boasts an outgoing, energetic staff that strives to take the “prissy” out of private club and instead, extends a warm invitation to experience a fun, fulfilling and incredibly active lifestyle.

That’s not to say that the club lacks in luxury or grandeur. Its 60,000-squarefeet clubhouse, La Casa, offers an Old-World Mediterranean charm sure to take one’s breath away. Yet, despite its size, an encounter with La Casa is overwhelmingly intimate. Each area–whether it be Explorations Café, with its low-hanging chandeliers and map-inspired décor, or La Cocina, where cozy chairs abound–encourage one to slow down, sit down and simply enjoy the moment.

This could be why Encanterra is Arizona’s fastest growing club, attracting over 400 social members and nearly 150 golf members since its grand opening in 2008. But, it’s not just the amenities; it’s how Encanterra is using those amenities in welcoming Valley residents and visitors to enjoy them too.

This spring, Encanterra launched The Good Life Festival™, an outdoor concert series bringing top-notch national acts to perform on the practice range of its Tom Lehman signature designed 18-hole championship golf course. Yes, that’s right. Encanterra is setting those golf clubs aside and asking the public to dance, drink, and have a good time on the practice range of its pristine facility!

Exciting Times at Encanterra A Trilogy Country ClubThe concert series kicked off in January with a performance by multiple Grammy winner, Kenny G. Attendees of the festival enjoyed activities like specialty shopping, wine and beer tasting, indulging in a variety of foods, and relaxing with free massages from Encanterra’s Alvea Spa staff.

During the festival days, guests are invited to tour the model home gallery, where they have the opportunity to sample local artisan wines and learn about the plethora of home styles available in the community. The Encanterra staff also conducts tours of La Casa during each concert, and Bistro 1528, its premier restaurant, is open for the public to enjoy a sit down meal prepared by Executive Chef Ed Neiman.

Though the festival gates open at noon with live music from local musicians, the venue really comes alive at sunset, when guests are enchanted by a sorbet-swirled Arizona sky. Whether sitting with friends and family in the reserved seat section or sprawled across a quilt on the manicured lawn, there’s really no bad “seat” at Encanterra.

In early March, classic rock legends, Three Dog Night and The Guess Who performed at Encanterra and attracted more than 3,000 guests of all ages. Supplied with a big dose of sunshine and perfect temperatures, concert-goers swayed to the melodies that hold many of their memories. The bands played a variety of No. 1 hits, as fans sang along, not forgetting a word.

For the grand finale of this season’s The Good Life Festival™ concert series, Encanterra is ecstatic to bring to festival attendees Chicago, a much-respected American rock band from the late ‘60s, on April 10. Rewarded with repeat concertgoers, The Good Life Festival Facebook page refl ects positive feedback about the past festivals and commitment for attendance at the next event.

“We loved every minute of The Guess Who and Three Dog Night,” said Shauna Harrington Akers. “We can’t wait to come back again in April for Chicago!” she added.

For more information about Encanterra Country Club, visit www.encanterra.com or call (800) 685-6494.


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