Golf Industry Association Day at State Capital Set for March 18

Golf Industry AssociationThe Golf Industry Association of Arizona (GIA) announced today that it will host GIA Day at the Arizona State Capital on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 from 8:15 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Sarah Glover, executive director of the Scottsdale-based GIA, said the purpose of the event is for “members of the golf industry to gather at the State Capital to express concerns and educate legislators about the golf industry.”

Ms. Glover said the Golf Industry Association, in conjunction with all golf related businesses, will gather at the Capital to showcase the importance of golf to Arizona legislators.

GIA members will be introduced in the House of Representatives and the Arizona Senate. They’ll learn the status of water legislation/regulation, taxation issues, immigration proposals and other pending concerns. There will also be a trick shot show featuring Phoenix resident Peter Longo and free lessons from PGA Professionals on the Senate lawn.

Everyone affiliated with the golf industry is invited to participate.

Key Roles of the GIA

  • Establish and maintain an effective presence before the Arizona legislature, as well as state and federal regulatory agencies, in order to represent the interests of the industry.
  • Participate in rule-making and other regulatory processes affecting the industry, including sales and property tax regulations, the formation of "management plans" by the Arizona Department of Water Resources, effluent reuse and other regulations promulgated by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Annual monitoring of proposed legislation, which affects the golf course industry.
  • Sponsorship of legislation for the betterment or protection of the industry.                                        

Golf Industry Association, Inc.
10685 N. 69th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85254                                                                                     
Phone: (480) 367-0353

For more information call Sarah Glover, executive director of the GIA, at (480) 443-9002


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