Golf Stretches

With overseed about to happen, now is a great time to keep flexible while you wait for your favorite course to reopen.

Village Racquet and Heakth ClubCamelback Village Racquet & Health Club’s Fitness Director Ginger Van Patten offers some stretches that are good before, during or after your round. Remember flexible muscles are strong muscles and strong muscles contributes to longer drives!

To begin, start with a 10-15 minute, brisk walk before stretching

Calf Stretch-Hands against wall1.     Calf Stretch-Hands against wall, one foot back (heel on ground) front knee is slightly bent, both toes face wall.

2.     Shoulder Shrugs - Up and down then interlace fingers overhead, palms facing up, push arms slightly back and up.

3.     With both toes straight ahead and feet hip distance apart , slightly bend knees and hold for 30 seconds, then stand up and roll down one vertebra at a time until fingers are reaching towards the ground-knees should be slightly bent, then roll up slowly-put hands on thighs to assist if it feels better.

4.     With arms straight out in front of you, bend wrists with fingers pointing upward to stretch the back of forearms-hold for 10 seconds.  Perform twice.

5.     Next hold arms in front of you with fingers pointing downwards to stretch the top of your forearms-Hold for 10 seconds.  Perform twice.

6.     Lace fingers together and rotate hands and wrists several times in both directions to warm up hands and wrists.

Gently pull elbow across chest7.     Gently pull elbow across chest towards opposite shoulder-hold for 8-10 seconds to stretch shoulder and mid-back.

8.     Hands on hips, feet pointed straight ahead, knees slightly bent. Rotate hips left as you look left.  Hold for 10 seconds. Do each side twice.  This stretches lower back, hips and upper body.




Stretches courtesy of

Stretches courtesy of "Stretching" 2000 by Bob and Jean Anderson. Shelter Publications, Inc.


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