Grayhawk Golf Club

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Grayhawk’s Talon No.16Although the vibe at Grayhawk Golf Club is way more Eric Clapton than Aristotle, his famous quote definitely holds true. That is, experience any of the club’s attractions in a vacuum and you’re certainly in for a day that’s better than most, but this belies the fact that Grayhawk shines brightest when the spotlight is fixed on the whole enchilada instead of just the rice or beans.

But let’s be fair, Grayhawk does rest firmly on the cornerstone of golf: junior golf, daily-fee golf, golf instruction, PGA Tour golf – been that way since it opened in ’94. And it was during those years that Grayhawk cultivated a unique nexus between golf and the various lifestyle-type pursuits that naturally spin off of the game.

For example, Grayhawk’s blowout parties that piggyback on the competitive golf event du jour are legendary. The shopping is more a kin to a department store-type experience than a golfer’s auxiliary. Their version of happy hour (Emergency Round) routinely packs the patio. And Phil’s Grill itself personifies this concept. Lefty’s lair, decked out with a host of his golf memorabilia, provides a comfortable leather-clad “hang” that should be considered a mandatory accompaniment to every round of golf. Perhaps best of all, Grayhawk recently announced a couple new programs that’ll allow you to tee up, drink up and eat up without incurring too big a wallop to your wallet.

The rise in the popularity of golf over the past couple decades resulted in an unprecedented boom in golf course construction across the U.S., a demand that could only be slowed by the worst recession since the Great Depression. Despite numerous clubs running for the exits, Grayhawk Golf Club continues to tack through the rough waters aided by its seaworthy crew and a spectacular facility. But they’ll be the first to admit that it’s not about the bricks and mortar. Like Clapton would say, “It’s in the way that you use it.”

Grayhawk Golf Club

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