Prostate On-site Project Becomes Latest Alliance Partner with DnA Golf

POP – Prostate On-Site Project

DnA Golf, manufacturer of the world’s only private label, high performance golf driver, announced that Prostate On-Site Project (POP) is the latest Alliance Partner to join the DnA Golf distribution team.

DnA Golf kicked off the partnership with POP by donating golf drivers and participating in the Jerry Colangelo Sports Legends Golf Classic on April 18th at the Biltmore Golf Club. DnA Golf donated drivers for auction items and prizes, presented a driver to POP Board member and host Jerry Colangelo, and introduced a promotion designed to give participants a special discount and help raise money for POP. 

“Our goal is to partner with charities to help them raise money through the promotion and sale of our private label drivers,” said Howard Lindsay, CEO of DnA Golf. “We received a very positive response from the supporters at the POP charity golf outing, and feel that this relationship will benefit both Prostate On-site Project and DnA Golf.” 

Offered to 501(c)(3)organizations, the DnA Golf Alliance Partnership gives charities a unique opportunity to become a part of the DnA Distribution model without any financial risk or commitment. POP financially benefits through the direct and indirect sale of the DnA Golf drivers, while supporters of POP will receive a $100 discount on Alpha 610 DnA Golf drivers.  Additionally, DnA Golf will donate $100 to POP for every driver sold using the special POP promo code.


DNA GOLFBased in Tempe, Ariz., DnA Golf, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of VyaTek Sports (, a company that for more than 10-years has been designing high-end sports equipment for leading brands such as Wilson, Louisville Slugger and Rawlings.

DnA Golf, Inc. was formed in August 2009, but the concept for the first DnA Golf driver began in 2002 when BMW asked VyaTek Sports if they could develop a high-performance golf driver worthy of their “Ultimate Driving Machine” tagline. This effort culminated in the creation of a radical new driver that was highly tunable and had the look, feel, sound and performance of a well-made German car.

DnA Golf’s first product was its Alpha 610 driver, a high-performance driver that features a patented detachable-face technology that is USGA and R&A approved for the standard face. Aftermarket faces and elastomeric face inserts will allow golfers to customize their driver for optimal distance based on their swing speed. Golfers can also select their desired acoustic levels based on their subjective preference. The DnA Alpha 610 driver features a level of customization never seen before – therefore each driver carries its own unique DNA.

DnA Golf’s latest addition to its line of drivers that was launched in January of 2011 shares design heritage with the Alpha 610 Driver, but features a “welded face” as opposed to the “detachable face” of the Alpha 610.

DnA Golf has a unique market niche, focusing on corporate brands. With more than 30% of rounds played attributed to “business”, golf is an attractive area to build brand loyalty and awareness.

DnA Golf also has a unique distribution model, DnA Direct, that offers anyone the opportunity to become an independent distributor of DnA Golf’s products. Independent distributors can purchase clubs at wholesale and sell at a profit; receive bonuses for signing new distributors and earn commissions from subordinate distributors in their own “DnA Chain”.

To learn more about DnA Golf, the technology and the unique co-branding opportunities please visit us online at For more information on DnA Direct, visit or call (480) 240-6004.

POP – Prostate On-Site Project – has two mobile prostate screening units that travel the state of Arizona, making annual screenings easier and more convenient by coming to workplaces, health fairs and community events. A 501(c)(3) non- profit organization, POP also helps reduce the out-of-pocket cost of screenings for many uninsured or under-insured men, a population that has grown alarmingly since its mission began in 1999.


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