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Resort Golf Schools by Scott Sackett

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Focus on the basics to improve your putting.

The goal in putting is quite simple: get the ball in the hole. As with all areas of the golf game, developing a consistent putting stroke will give you the greatest opportunity to accomplish this task.

characteristics of putting: -Characteristics of Putting -Weight slightly towards the hole -Ball position forward in the stance -Eyes over of slightly inside the ball line -Light grip pressure -Head stays very steady -Keep a constant triangle in the arms -Rock your shoulders, don't turn your shoulders -Keep your hands quiet throughout the stroke

the putting grip

Similar to your grip during the golf swing, your hands need to work as a single unit when putting. This similarity aside, you should grip the putter differently than your other clubs. Your full-swing grip is designed to produce clubface rotation through the impact area. Your putting grip should "quiet" the hands, since the last thing you want to do with the face of the putter is rotate it through the impact area. The two most popular contemporary grip styles are shown below.

Even the best golfers in the world miss their share of putts. Tiger Woods has missed many three-footers. After you have worked many hours to become a good putter, you will still miss some putts, even short ones. The key is not to become too frustrated when going through a period of bad putting. When this occurs, focus on the basics. Putting is a test of your nerves and confidence. Once your abilities with the putter improve, you will become more comfortable on the greens. Becoming a solid putter is imperative to playing golf at the level that you wish to attain. Great putting can rescue you from mediocre ball-striking abilities Scott Sackett, Executive Director, Resort Golf Group, is currently the Director of Instruction at the PGA Tour Golf Academy at World Golf Village. e-mail:

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