DNA Golf Launches New Golf Industry Distribution Model

DnA GolfTEMPE – DnA Golf CEO Howard Lindsay recently announced that DnA Golf is launching a new distribution model that expands the way the company will sell and market their products.

This program, called DnA Direct, gives all golfers the opportunity to make money in golf.

“We believe the world of distributing consumer products is rapidly changing,” Lindsay said. “Whether it’s the phenomenon of social networking, the economy, or just the way of the world, the reality is that people buy products from other people and people trust recommendations from people they know. This is already a successful formula in selling golf products.”

DnA Independent Distributors can sign up to the program for a minimal financial commitment. They can create their own unique “DnA Chain” where they are rewarded not only for selling drivers, but for connecting the product to their network of friends and colleagues.

Independent distributors profit from driver sales, while bonuses and commissions are awarded for referrals to additional distributors.

The Alpha 610 is a high-performance driver that is unique to the golf industry. It features a patented detachable-face technology that is USGA and R&A approved (for the standard face). Aftermarket faces and elastomeric face inserts allow golfers to customize their driver for optimal distance based on their swing speed.

Golfers also can select their desired acoustic levels based on their subjective preference. The DnA Alpha 610 driver features a level of customization never seen before – therefore each driver carries its own unique DNA.

“We are literally changing the face of golf with this driver,” said DnA Golf National Sales Manager Allen Gobeski. “We have the ability to customize the playing characteristics and co-branding nature of each club, and that’s what makes the Alpha 610 driver so unique.”

Each DnA driver includes a custom logo tastefully integrated into the crown of the club. Examples of the available logo categories include the main branches of the military, NBA teams, corporate logos, charities, and golf courses. Custom logo placement is also available on the premium headcover.

For more information on becoming a DnA Golf Independent Distributor, call (480) 240-6004 or visit www.dnagolf.com/direct.


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