Hybrex Golf Debuts Driver Shafts for 2008 Product Line

Hybrex Golf Debuts Driver Shafts for 2008 Product Line Hybrex Golf is proud to announce the addition of a new series of driver shafts for 2008. The Hybrex brand and its initial Helix Tourä line of premium high-performance shafts was established in 2006 around a patented technology (ExoGridÒ) and the opportunity to create the ideal shaft for the growing category of hybrid clubs.

An evolution in the core ExoGrid technology enabled Hybrex designers to remove weight, creating the first viable driver shafts. However, these new Helix Tour driver shafts possess the same ultra low-torque performance as the hybrid shaft that helped Padraig Harrington capture the 136th British Open Championship at Carnoustie Links.

“Our new driver shafts encapsulate the complete spirit of our brand…having been optimized for accuracy and control.  We have been working with various PGA Tour players, including Tom Lehman, to help establish the ideal characteristics and are preparing to introduce the initial products to our dealers and distributors,” said Howard Lindsay, Hybrex’s CEO.

Hybrex Golf Debuts Driver Shafts for 2008 Product Line

The new Helix Tour driver shafts come in different flexes (S, X, XX) and are based on the ExoGrid technology that combines the best attributes of titanium and advanced composites in a unique manner to delivers low-torque (for improved accuracy), linear weight progression (for consistent control) and multi-material construction (for enhanced feel).

Hybrex Golf is a Tempe-based, privately owned subsidiary of VyaTek Sports (www.vyatek.com), which specializes in advanced technology development, branding and licensing in sports equipment.  For information on the entire Helix Tour product line, visit Hybrex at www.hybrexgolf.com.


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