IBEW 640 & AZ NECA an On-Par Twosome

The old saying goes, “Time is money,” and in today’s fast-paced world of construction, projects are constantly being pushed to be completed in a compressed amount of time. With different construction trades being stacked one on another to accomplish this safety and quality can sometimes suffer.


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 640 (Local 640) and Arizona Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) have thrown aside the old stereotype of labor/management conflict and partnered together to complete electrical projects, not only on time and on budget, but also safely and to the highest standards of electrical installation. 

Since 1925, Local 640 has been providing the highest quality electricians to electrical contractors and customers in the state of Arizona. Local 640 and their NECA partners jointly provide training through the oldest recognized apprenticeship in the state, and are constantly working to advance the best practices and safest working conditions available.

Together, they are committed to training the electricians of the future, and are currently building a new, multimillion-dollar training center that will double the capacity of their classes and facilitate more training in the upcoming technologies of solar and wind power. Apprentices are career oriented and learn the electrical trade from the ground up. Electrical theory, code, installation, safety, and a good work ethic are just some of the subjects taught, along with continuing upgrade and safety training to keep all our electricians up to date with the latest technologies.

All contractors are licensed, bonded and insured, and many of them not only have years of experience as a contractor, but also as an electrician who has come through Local 640’s comprehensive program. Local 640 has contractors for any project, from small home maintenance jobs to the largest commercial and industrial projects. Their joint Code of Excellence program pairs labor and management together to help overcome those little “surprises” that always seem to pop up on construction projects. This partnership allows our workforce to be more productive and safer than you will find anywhere else.

To learn more about the value that the Local 640/NECA labor/management partnership can provide, or to explore a career opportunity in the electrical industry, visit www.ibew640.com or www.azneca.org.


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