Ontario's Deer Creek Golf Clubs Introduces the Dream Shot Progressive 10 Million Dollar Hole-in-One

Deer Creek Golf Clubs is pleased to introduce the first of its kind Progressive Hole-in-One Jackpot. Each year players from all over the world will have a shot at a jackpot starting at 10 million dollars that will increase each year by 5 million until it's won. Players from Deer Creek will have a chance everyday at their club to win fantastic prizes as described below in addition to the chance to Qualify for the Dream Shot 10 Million Dollar Shootout.


What would you think if I told you that you have been given an opportunity to win 10 Million Dollars, and all you had to do was to take one golf shot from 150 yards?  Would you take it?  Dream Shot Golf offers golfers the chance to play for $10 million dollars each and every day at local GTA Golf Clubs.  Dream Shot Golf is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Deer Creek Golf Clubs - a spectacular 45-hole facility in Ajax.  Deer Creek has signed on to host the Dream Shot 10 Million Dollar Hole-in-One Contest starting the weekend of June 14th, 2008.

"Deer Creek is certainly considered a leader within their market", said General Manager of Dream Shot Dave Cowan. "We are looking forward to working with them.


"Exclusivity is part of our marketing plan," added Cowan. "We want to offer our partners the opportunity to have something completely new and exciting for their clubs that is not available everywhere". This type of contest will help bring market differentiation to each of our partners that will help build loyalty and bring new customers to their respective courses. You will not find this at every club, and that is part of the appeal of working with Dream Shot Golf."


So why not play a round at Deer Creek, as you just never know, you might just win 10 million?


Each and every day players will have a chance to qualify for the 10 Million Dollar Shootout.  If a hole-in-one is made, the player doing so is entitled to a $10,000 prize package that includes a trip to Las Vegas for the 10 Million Dollar Shootout as well as $5,000 in Cash or Prizes.  Everyone who plays Dream Shot will walk away a winner.  Each player will receive a scratch off ticket with discounts in the golf shop as well as an opportunity to win a $500 retail gift package if you scratch the ace. 


Any player who has opted into the contest that hits the green will receive a free sleeve of golf balls.  If all four players in the group opt in and each hits the green they will all win a $100 Gift Certificate.  In addition each month Dream Shot will draw a name from all of the players who have participated in the contest and that person will win a $500 retail golf package. Once a year a drawing will be held from the participants of the Dream Shot Hole-in-One Contest and that lucky winner will receive a free trip to participate in the Dream Shot Shootout in Las Vegas, a $5,000 retail value.


Dream Shot is the richest and most exciting hole-in-one program in the world.  Designed to accommodate daily play as well as tournament play, every golfer is given a chance to win $10 million dollars by making their Dream Shot.  While there have been many large payout hole-in-one contests, traditionally they have been "one off" in nature, usually associated with a specific event. Dream Shot is the first company to develop an ongoing program that taps the power of a network of operators participating in the program each and every day.


To learn more about the Dream Shot Golf Hole-In-One Contest, visit www.dreamshotgolf.com.


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