Proper Sequencing for Improved Consistency

By Mike Malaska – Nicklaus Academies’
World-Wide Director of Instruction

When it comes to improving your consistency from tee to green, one of the common faults with many players lies in the improper sequencing of their upper body with their arms. Without proper sequencing, or an easier way to think about it, the coordination of the movement of your arms and chest, you are left with nothing more than dumb luck that the face of the club will meet up with the ball at the absolute perfect time - and on the correct path. It is hard to bank on that combination for 18-holes of quality scoring.

Here is a drill I use to demonstrate and reinforce proper sequencing;

  1. Set up the ball as you normally would
  2. Remove your top hand from the grip and put it sideways on your sternum
  3. Make a regular take away, stopping the club at the top (notice how much greater your club head has travelled versus your chest)
  4. As you start your downswing, rotate your chest back to your starting position at impact, then continue rotating all the way through impact to your finish position.
Proper Sequencing for Improved Consistency

When your hands move out of synch with the rotation of your chest, the common result is a swing that is over the top, creating a weak shot to the right or a dead pull to the left (for a right handed player). Next time you find yourself spraying the ball all over the course, check your sequencing and work on getting your arms and body working as one.

About the author: PGA Professional Mike Malaska is No. 24 on Golf Digest’s ranking of instructors and is one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100. To arrange a personal session with Mike, call 602.799.7099 or visit



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