Putting Priority Tip #1 - Ability To See Line

Laser set-upWhat is more important; reading the green or seeing the line? Reading the break and speed of the green is a critical aspect of making more putts, but if you cannot consistently see the line you intend the ball to roll on, made putts are more accident than skill. In order to accurately see line, you must first establish exactly where your eye-line is.

A simple test to determine your eye-line is to draw a circle around the entire golf ball, and approximately 18”-24” from the ball, set a long white tee between the ball and your target.

From behind the ball, use a laser and position the line on the ball and the tee so they are in perfect alignment. Stand over the ball as you would normally, and then slowly move your head forward and back until your eye-line matches the line on the ball and the laser on the tee. PGA Tour players range between ½”to 9” inside the ball with the average being 1”to 1 ½” inside. Where is your ideal eye-line?

Once you establish where you accurately see the line, you have made one of the most important steps required to hole more putts. Then it’s time to work on your alignment, stroke path, impact, tempo and speed.

Align putter face, ball and tee

About the Author:

PGA Professional Mike Malaska is No. 24 on Golf Digest’s ranking of instructors and is one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100. To arrange a personal session with Malaska, call 602.799.7099 or visit www.nicklausacademies.com.


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