The Importance of Footwork in the Golf Swing

Many players do not realize the importance that their feet play in the golf swing. Your feet are the only point of contact with the ground and provide the platform from which a fundamentally sound swing is built from. Golf is one of only a few ‘ball and stick sports’ (baseball, softball & tennis for example) where the athlete does not step into their swing. As with these other sports, it is critical that your feet are in synch with your body throughout the entire swing for a proper weight shift. I use the Step Into It Drill so that the student can feel how their weight should move during the golf swing.

Take your regular stance. As you begin your back swing, bring your left foot back so it is next to the right. Just as you reach the top of your backswing, step forward to begin the downswing. Complete your swing with your normal stance. Notice how difficult it is to ‘spin-out of the shot’ with a proper weight shift. Use the Step Into It Drill during your practice sessions, and in time, a proper weight shift that is in synch will become second nature.

The Importance of Footwork in the Golf Swing
Images courtesy of the Nicklaus Academy at DragonRidge


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