Valley of the Spas

Arizona Spa Girls

Discover bliss and tranquility at a retreat near you
by Lisa Kasanicky, Founder, Arizona Spa Girls,

Ask a crowd of locals which spas rank as their favorites, and you’re likely to get answers as varied as the colors of an Arizona sunset. With the Valley area alone claiming stake to more than 30 world-class resort and hotel spas, Arizona has become the hot seat of leisure and relaxation. What makes this area such a highly sought spa destination? The answer lies in the transformational treatments that define this spa-rich landscape.

Valley of the Spas

At the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Willow Stream spa spins the sights and aromas of traveling deep into the Grand Canyon into their signature Havasupai Body Oasis Experience. Inspired by an oasis of waterfalls and sacred Native American land hidden in the canyon, the treatment starts with a waterfall massage in the outdoor oasis pool and is followed by a eucalyptus foot bath, chamomile full-body exfoliation, herbal bath, aromatherapy wrap and a massage with warm oils. 480.585.2732,

Back in days before Arizona became the 48th state, it was rugged territory where relaxation meant a scorpion-free bed and decent horse hitch. The cowboy vibe still lingers in the air of the historical Wigwam Resort, where guests can revel in the Wigwam Warm Water Ritual at the resort’s Red Door Spa. The service starts with a foot bath and ceremonial tea, followed by a clay and cornmeal body mask, scalp treatment, foot massage, juniper and sage aroma bath, and a final massage using its signature desert sage massage oil. (623)535-4967,


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