Xempt Player Series - Provides Opportunity for Aspiring Pros

Looking to take your game to the next level? Then look no further! Xempt Players Series (XPS) “It Starts Here”

Xempt Players Series (XPS)Xempt Player Series was created by PGA pro Gerry Hammond. “One of the main problems many promising golfers have is trying to make ends meet while they’re trying to get their careers established,” said Hammond, Founder/CEO of the XPS. “Speaking from experience, I did everything I could from lessons and practice, but through that process, there were always financial barriers.” XPS acts as the equalizer!

Hammond, along with support from IMG and also longtime sports marketing executive Craig Umland, who will serve as the XPS executive tournament director, designed the XPS to remove that obstacle from the most promising and talented professional golfers – on all three major tours: PGA TOUR, LPGA and Champions. In place today are 30 local qualifi ers at top tier courses around the country, five regional qualifiers and the XPS Championship.

The winner of the GUARANTEED $200,000 XPS Championship receives a $36,000 first-place check, a $50,000 stipend that will pay for PGA TOUR Qualifying School fees and a financial cushion that will provide support during their touring season.

The top 10 finalists in the XPS Championship will also receive the aforesaid stipend on top of their prize money. Each of the top 20 finalists who do not obtain conditional status on the PGA, LPGA Champions or Nationwide tours will be exempt from paying tournament registration fees for the 2012 XPS season.

Golfers pay a $1,100 fee to enter the XPS, which enables them to enter one of the local qualifying events held at courses around the country. Each local qualifier is 36 holes of stroke play with the top 16 golfers from each local site advancing to regional play in one of five regions: Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and West.

Each of the five regional events will send 24 golfers to the four-round XPS Championship on August 8-11, 2011 at the prestigious Columbus Country Clubhome to the 1964 PGA Championship.

Local qualifiers begin in early April and run through June. Played on top-level courses, the Arizona stops are slated for April 11th & 12th at Tucson’s Westin La Paloma Country Club while the Greater Phoenix event will be played on June 6th and 7th at SunRidge Canyon Golf Club.

The XPS is open to professional golfers and amateur golfers, 18 and over, with an updated Handicap Index below 4.0. Professionals with full status on the PGA, LPGA, Champions or Nationwide tours before the beginning of the 2011 XPS season are ineligible.

For more information on XPS, please visit the website at www.xemptplayerseries.com, or call (614) 751-8129.


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