Q: Can I transfer my Frequent Flier Miles?

I am currently an Air France Flying Blue platinum member. As I now live in the USA, I was wondering if there is a way to my status and miles to Delta SkyMiles.

Kevin Taylor, USA

A: As I have often reported, miles cannot be transferred from one airline program to another. However, some airlines may be willing to consider matching your status, especially if you come from a competing alliance rather than from an alliance partner. (Matching status between alliance partner programs is considered politically incorrect! Elite members tend to surpass rules and protocols because they are so jealously guarded by airlines.)

The good news is that there is really no need to transfer miles, or even change programs. Comparing the two airline programs, there is a fair chance that you might even be better off by staying with Air France’s Flying Blue than with Delta SkyMiles; that obviously depends on your personal needs – what you need out of a program. Should you decide to join SkyMiles, outstanding Flying Blue miles can still be redeemed, according to Flying Blue conditions – including partners such as Delta, Alaska Airlines or AeroMexico.

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