Bird Golf's Georgia Golf School

Bird Golf's Georgia Golf School

5 North 125th Avenue
Avondale, AZ 85323

P: 877-424-7346

The Bird Golf Academy takes it's registered trademark; "The Ultimate Golf Learning experience ®", very seriously. There are a great many things that separate Bird Golf from any other golf schools in the world. One/Two students to One Instructor. All other golf schools are "group" formats, where students are put into groups of 4, 5 and 6, and are all taught the same things. Bird Golf believes that there are several methods and styles of teaching and the key is to put the right method with the right student. Award winning PGA and LPGA professionals. Bird Golf's staff includes 7 members of one or more Halls of Fame, Tour winners, the 1989 LPGA Teacher of the Year, just to name a few. Other schools are headed up by a "name" professional and then you work with one of their assistants being taught their ‘method". Each and every one of the Bird Golf Academy's staff, is in their own right, a great teacher. The Mental Game. People often say that golf is a mental game; but how often have you ever taken a "mental golf lesson"? Bird Golf will show you how not to have all the swing thoughts that clutter your mind when playing. Each student works with Carey Mumford to learn how to take their driving-range swing; to the golf course. Playing lessons. The place that you want to improve is on the golf course. You have a playing lesson with your professional, on each school day. This has tremendous benefit because not only do you learn to trust new things in a ‘live' situation, where it matters most, but your professional will give you invaluable course management and strategy advice. Superb Resort and facilities. Bird Golf is proud to be partnered with some of the finest resorts and courses in the United States, with 17 nationwide locations. Scheduling for you. You pick the dates that you would like; for your school. Each school is customized for each student. Package Inclusions. Each personalized package includes superior accommodations, 6-8 hours of instruction each day, playing lessons daily, Clear Key profile and analysis, unlimited golf, lunch, take-home CD/DVD with your swing changes, student handbook, and unlimited follow-up with your professional.

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