Central Texas Golf Course Living

Central Texas Golf Course LivingFrom San Antonio to Austin, there’s a growing reputation for some of the finest golf experiences in the country. Forget about cowboys and oil rigs, this part of the state is home to unforgettable golf courses, including the first PGA TOUR Signature Series in the San Antonio area. The Hill Country is also now dotted with developments that are unique in design and amenities, but share the beauty and seclusion that golf course living has to offer.

Among the questions you need to ask yourself when you begin the search for that perfect golf course home is whether to go private, public, or semi-private with some public play. If your decision is to go private, look closely at the structure of the club to decide on the advantages or joining or not; how important is it to you to live on a course designed by one of the “marquee” designers; you’ll need to delve into the usual home ownership issues of security, resale, maintenance; how important the amenities are within the community and how far you have to go outside to deal with the essentials of your lifestyle.

One of the positive trends in golf course communities is making them closer than ever to work, allowing you to enjoy golf community life while keeping your commute reasonable.

The good news is that home prices actually posted gains in the 6% neighborhood in Austin and San Antonio in 2007, bucking the national trends. The growth in new construction around the great golf courses in the area also offers wonderful opportunities for those who are thinking of making those great golf experiences something you can enjoy, right out your back door, year round. After all, you’ve likely already imagined the benefits, anytime you’ve played a friend’s “home” course. 


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