Cheating the wind

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Playing in the wind, especially this time of the year, can be really difficult on scoring. There is nothing more frustrating then hitting a solid shot that balloons into the wind and comes up 30-yards short of the green. The wind ca
be your friend – really. It doesn't take a lot of adjustments to create a shot that flies low and true in a wind-piercing trjectory. Follow these simple changes to your game and see the difference.
1. Get the ball back in your stance – You want to get the ball started on a lower, flatter trajectory. Moving the ball toward the rear of your stance will do this. A good checkpoint is to feel like the ball is being played on the inside of your back foot. (Inside the right heal for right handed players)

2. Make sure to keep your hands positioned the same – in your stance doesnft mean you move your hands too. You MUST keep your hands ahead of the ball on this and all shots in golf. Set your hands off of your left leg (right handers) to ensure they stay ahead of the ball during the entire swing. This combined with the ball position will create a trapping shot that stays low.

3. Take more club – You DO NOT want to hit this shot hard. By swinging too hard your impart too much back spin on the ball which will only cause it to fly that much higher and be affected by the wind. Also, taking more club reduces the loft and adds to the lowering of the ball flight. I always
take at least one, if not two more clubs than normal when it hit this type of shot.

4. Make a smooth three-quarter swing – The goal here is to make a smooth swing and create a solidly struck shot. Your have plenty of power since you have taken more club. Hitting it smooth and solid limits the effect of the wind and creates consistency. Relax and let the club work for you.

In conclusion, you donft have to bear down and swing like a mad man in the wind. Make these few simple adjustments and the shots will cut the wind like a knife through butter. ¡

West Texas Wind Cheater
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The Buckhorn
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