Consigned to a Better Place

Think of golf clubs like you do a new car. New clubs depreciate quickly (there’s always next year’s hot new models) yet the quality and performance of the club remains the same for fifteen years or more. That’s the argument for buying used golf club , and it’s a good one.Who wants to sell used clubs? Take a look in your garage. Before those old sticks rust away, wouldn’t you like to get something for them? Yet many retail stores want nothing to do with your used set, or if they will take them off your hands, won’t give you anything close to fair value for them.

On both sides of the equation, there’s the internet, but do you want to go through the hassle of either packaging up and shipping clubs you’ve sold online (especially when it has taken you this long just to decide to sell them in the first place), or trusting the seller to deliver what it was they promised if you bought them from an unknown, unseen, far-away seller?

Enter the opportunity of buying and selling clubs on consignment. There is a “Blue Book” on used clubs that provides accurate and up-to-date prices on used clubs, so you’ll know the ballpark you should be pricing them at. A consignment professional can advise you on the right prices for your clubs, in your area, especially compared to other sets on his sales floor, and get them before the buying public quickly. As for buying consigned clubs, not only can you come in and touch, feel and swing the sticks (something the internet won’t master anytime soon), but also use the expertise of the consignment professional to help you pick the right clubs to fit your needs, whether they be for yourself, a family member or friend, even comparing clubs side-by-side if necessary.

Most importantly, consignment avoids the hassles. No shipping hassles, payment hassles, product satisfaction hassles, even negotiating with commissioned sales people. Many consignment professionals also offer fitting services that make alterations to the length, lie, loft, swingweight and grips for a reasonable fee.

Fair prices, fewer hassles. If only buying that next car were as easy!


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