Course Review: Legacy Hills Golf Course

Afew months ago I was lured to the White Wing course in Sun City with the misunderstanding that it was, by definition, a course for those of us who are Medicare qualified and have therefore lost just a bit of our flexibility and power. That misunders anding (and a rather sad golf game) led me to card some pretty high scores on what I thought was going to be a pushover track.

I was recently asked to come and play Legacy Hills, the sister course to White Wing. Armed with the felling that Legacy couldn’t possibly be any tougher than White Wing, I showed up, right on time, to begin my meal of humble pie. A quick glance at the course layout on the score card was my first indication that, just possibly, Legacy was going to provide me with a pretty severe test of my limited golfing skills. Large puddles of water, lots of sand which seems to be rather carelessly scattered around the course, and that same tendency to leave trees uncut in the middle of the fairways, all led me to believe that the architect (Billy Casper) of Legacy wanted to make very sure that the golfers were going to get their money’s worth.

I checked in at the well-provisioned, competently staffed pro shop, and then went to the practice green to begin warming up. The green was lighting-fast but very true, a trip to the driving range completed the warm up. Next it was on to the first hole of this 7,000-yard (from the tips) beauty. A straightforward, 345-yard par-4 that lulls you into just a bit of complacency. A decent drive and an accurate wedge will get you onto the green. The second hole, a 370-yard par-4 that begins with an over-water tee shot, followed by a split fairway and lots of sand all around the green, is the wake up call. Time to dig out your “A” game folks, because you’re going to need it to score well. Many narrow fairways are coming up with homes and/or trees encroaching heavily on the ball’s path.

Accurate drives are absolutely necessary, and if your big driver isn’t working for you, put it up and pull out your “go to” club to get off the tee box and into a playable position on the fairway. All those little white stakes are out there just waiting to welcome you to Out-of-Bounds Land and a correspondingly high number on your scorecard. Just like White Wing, Legacy Hills has an aggressive pace-of-play policy that is rigorously enforced. You need to get around in 4 hours and 10 minutes; if you don’t, one of the friendly Marshals will pay your foursome a visit and “encourage” you to pick up the pace. It’s a good policy, and I wish more courses would adopt it.

I give the golfing experience at Legacy Hills two thumbs up. It’s one of those “gotta do” Hill Country courses. While quite challenging, it is a fair test of your golf ability. It is not a place to attempt any heroics, because, if you fall short (or long, or left or right) of your intended target, you will get punished. Play conservative, target golf and you’ll play your handicap.

To set up your visit to Legacy Hills, call their toll free number: 800.909.1969. The staff will make your experience an excellent one. There’s good food, good golf and a beautiful setting awaiting you at Sun City’s Legacy Hills Course.

By Mike Innis


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