Double B Ranch and Resort:

Right smack dab and high in the hills of the Texas Hill Country, hides the newest public l8 hole golf course. Surprisingly, Hidden Springs Golf Course on the Double B Ranch & Resort situates itself in a maze of water - bubbling up with a “see it to elieve” experience. Usually, a monetary incentive offers enticing prices for seniors, first-timers and for families. This new dude ranch on almost 1200 acres opened August 11th, 2004. The blues weave along 6170 yards, whites on 5892 and reds follow with 5104 yards. With a par 35 on the front nine and 37 on the back, the course challenges any level golfer. The ranch offers special “stay and play” packages for that perfect get-away; plus, next summer, plans for golf camp for kids and/or parents offers a truly unique experience. Reasonable drives from San Antonio, Austin, Waco, San-Angelo, and Dallas or Houston indeed makes this peaceful place “everyone’s destination”.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what to expect on each hole:

One’s cliff top tee (par 4 - 420 yards) offers the golfer a sunrise view plus the marvelous scene of two headwater branches (Nott & Klein) of the Pedernales River. A shot uphill on the right side places your second best shot angled left to the green nested under trees.

Two mega-doglegs to the left (par 5 - 525) past the driving range. Avoid the babbling brook (Russell’s Falls) bisecting the fairway. The green nestles back in a tree-protected area where you may see whitetail and other hill country creatures at dawn or dusk.

Three’s tee lies along side the Two B’s where “Bertha’s Big Bathtub” rests (par 4 - 421).The fairway runs tight along another cliff (dubbed “Tombstone Ridge”). The cliff-view overlooks old and new dams, previews upcoming holes and show you Beaux Hickey’s , the outdoor pavilion and ‘ol timey dance hall.

Four’s tee and green recalls the old (Living Water Ranch) executive nine-hole course’s signature hole. As an elevated tee (par 3-127) to an elevated green, looks can be deceiving; additionally, the green leaves little room for mistakes.
Five (par 4-330) slightly doglegs right alongside the confluence water of the Two Mary’s and the Two B’s. Fly the green and you’ll end up in the wide Nott’s Branch River.

Six’s new tee box requires a climb, but the view atop the plateau provides a scene of what the hill country is all about. Notes rental cabins also. See the green (par 4-383) on the Two Mary’s spring-fed peninsula. Be tempted to hit a wood down the fairway toward the island-like green.

Seven’s water can come into play if you shoot too long or too short (par 3-155). Check out the red, white and blue windmill for wind speed and direction. These streams provide a favorite fish spawning area and are important to the ecosystem of the adjoining spring-fed creeks.

Eight’s right dogleg (par 4 – 264) is drivable, but the oaks on the right and the river on the left call for prudence. Why not try for a birdie or eagle? Anyone for a press?

Nine plays like a 350 yarder (par 4 – 274) because the last 20 yards go nearly straight uphill. Reaching this classic, elevated green is worthwhile – the reward rests alongside the hilltop lodge near a wonderful escalading water-fall feature.

Ten (par 3-144) starts the valley’s back nine of rolling terrain. The tee, slightly elevated at the top of the dam on the left of the road, delivers a powerful view. The river quite intimidates folks; however, drive with confidence and achieve much reward.

Eleven’s left side borders the Nott’s River (par 4–397). Approaching the slightly elevated green, be aware of the Wee Pond crossing the fairway. The planned lavender fields and vineyards hope to showoff east of the Little Lake.

Twelve (par 5 – 524) allows the big hitters to excel in this park like fairway. Oak trees line both sides of the fairway after the first 200 yards, before which, water is an issue on both sides due to the Nott’s and Little Lake’s juxtapositions. Take a restroom break on the old Indian mound. Follow the waterfalls’ sounds by walking over to the cliff and viewing Emerald Lake’s dam and superb swim holes.

Thirteen (par 4-315) doglegs upwardly to the right. The green is nestled downhill in a cozy spot under shady oak trees.

Fourteen (par 5-507) has it all: length, stream, lake, elevated green. A huge waste bunker occupies the left side, while the Little Lake occupies the right.

Fifteen (par 5-502) doglegs sharply left downhill adjacent to the horse-fence and rodeo arena landing on the generous road-side green. With plenty of wide-open space, the fenced arena reminds you that the Double B Ranch is not only a working ranch but a unique Texas dude experience to cowboy up, go Texan with the privilege to play golf .

Sixteen is a long par 4(par 4-424) with a blind downhill approach shot. Slice the approach and you might get in water. River Run RV Park rests left of the green. In front flows the Klein Branch of the Pedernales in all its typical hill country charm.

Seventeen’s intimidating “Pucker Lake” invites you to tee from its banks (par 3-230). Only 145 of those yards are over the 2-acre lake, but it sure looks longer. The green nuzzles under trees at the confluence of Pedernales’ Nott and Klein Branches.

Eighteen (par 4-221) is the perfect finishing hole. If you carry the large live oaks, you can drive the green. But the risks of taking such a shortcut are substantial. This feel good finish on the Nott offers an opportunity to make your move.

“The” Double B Ranch with Hidden Springs Golf Course resonates how Texans do things: a little big and extraordinary. Staff treat guests to great expectations at a wonderful fun-filled destination Resort. Come; get revitalized in nature’s own hill country beauty. See the splendor of a sunset from Engagement Hill. Get rejuvenated or relaxed. Float the rivers. Go fishing. See why Texans say “the stars at night are big and bright”. Hike the creeks. Hunt. Show the kids natural environments of tadpoles, crawfish, clams and frogs as you hike up one of the creeks. Go horseback riding. Shop in nearby Fredericksburg or Kerrville…or, just chill in the hills. Throw horseshoes or washers. Enoy the outdoor Pavilion. Arrange for campfires and cookouts, or some old fashioned dancin’ and glancin’. You bet there are still cowboys in Texas! Fall and Winter favorites include clay (sport) shooting, bird and animal hunting. So come, catch the hill country spirit. Stay and play. Great for just about any type of special family or group occasion including family and class reunions, executive retreats, workshops and weddings. Inquire about group discounts. The Double B facilities (golf, lodge, pavilion dance hall, cabins, campsites, and RV sites in Fall 2005) allow versatility to accommodate small or very large groups. You’ve got to see to believe this place – no kidding. Come. Play and stay. Contact them as well as Call for reservations at (resort) 830-990-9500 or (golf) 830-990-4122 or (either) 1-800-830-5008.


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