Hidden Springs Golf Course

Hidden Springs Golf Course, located on the beautiful, 1,100+ acre Double B Ranch and Resort, is rapidly becoming known as “Everyone Creates Memories by Destination”. Over sixty-two hundred yards of scenic vistas and clear spring-fed streams make Hidd n Springs Golf Course one of the most talked-about new courses in the peaceful and quiet Texas Hill Country.

Nestled among the hills less than 20 miles from either Kerrville or Fredericksburg, Hidden Springs Golf Course boasts a combination of geological formations including limestone cliffs, valleys, plateaus, lakes, and river-wide streams. The course’s ambiance delivers that certain relaxing atmosphere that many seek on their weekend getaway or vacations away from the city.

Tranquility best describes this natural hideaway, where the hectic pace of city life can be forgotten. Golf technique and strategy become the focus yet, Hidden Springs Golf Course (in spite of its seclusion) is easily accessible. The Double B Ranch and Resort can be reached by traveling west on Interstate 10 to Kerrville Exit 505 (about 60 miles west of San Antonio). Then go north on FM 783 (Harper) for 13 miles to Fiedler Road. Turning right on Fiedler Road, the ranch entry is 3 miles from FM 783. Similarly, the drive from Fredericksburg is uncomplicated and almost as easy. From Highway 16, turn west on FM 2093 (also known as Tivydale Road) and go 17 miles to Fiedler Road and turn left. The Double B Ranch entry is 2.5 miles and on the left.

Hidden Springs Golf Course is described by many golfers, both beginners and experienced, as a challenging and truly rewarding course. The challenge lies in managing the tight fairways, natural hazards, and protected greens. Choosing the wrong club puts you in harms way and forces you to use every shot in your repertoire. Narrow fairways test the strategic approach golfers use for each shot. Course management plays an instrumental part in the outcome of every round.

The front nine at Hidden Springs plays somewhat shorter than the back nine and contains two par-3 holes. Hole # 4 is a 127-yard par-3 with an elevated tee box hitting to a slightly elevated green. The difficulty on this hole varies with the wind speed and direction. Therefore club selection is extremely important. A wedge on some days will carry past the green and on others will land short. The other par-3, #7, is 155 yards but plays somewhat easier because the tee box is elevated while the green sits in a valley. However, the green is surrounded by water on the left and thick rough on the right.

Six holes on the front are Par-4s ranging in distance from 244 yards to 421 yards. Each par-4 has its own distinct features but don’t be fooled or lured to the wrong club on the “short” par-4s. For example, hole # 9 is only 218 yards but, due to the elevation and placement of the green, plays like it is much longer. The longest par-4, # 3, has a tendency to feed to the left. If you draw (or hook) the ball, it may end up rolling off of the adjacent bluff.

Hole #2, the only par-5 on the front, is a true “risk and reward” hole that poses a critical tee shot decision. One may choose to play it safe, use a long iron or fairway wood off the tee to lay up in front of the creek, then try to hit 150 yards into the green, thus playing for par or one-putt birdie. On the other hand, if you choose a driver or 3-wood, draw the ball around the trees and hit a long iron to the green, the golfer is rewarded with an opportunity to two-putt for a birdie. The risk, however, is that with a poorly placed tee shot, the bird you hit may leave the golfer singing the blues.

All in all, the front-nine plays short, a scenic 2,860-yards, but necessitates using good decision making and ball striking. The back-nine, however, plays like a different course altogether. The length is 3,271- yards, much longer than the front, and the fairways open up to forgive minor ball striking errors. Several new tee boxes are planned for holes 17, 13 and 6. The back has two par-3s, four par-4’s, and three par-5s for a par of 37.

Hole #17, a par-3, that plays 205 yards is one of the most difficult holes at Hidden Springs. The difficulty springs from the lake (affectionately called “Pucker Lake”) that stretches 150 yards between the tee box and the green. Although the lake portion of the hole is only 150 yards across, the wrong club selection and the prevailing wind have contributed many balls to the fish. The other par-3 at hole #10 plays 144 yards and seems rather easy compared to #17. An elevated tee at #10 allows the golfer to shoot across the Pedenales River which runs between the tee and green.

From hole #18’s 221-yard distance to # 16’s 424-yards, the par-4s on the backside create opportunities for birdies but can also lead to disaster. Take #11 for instance: It plays 397 yards but has OB on the left, a lake that protects the green, and a green slope that falls away from the approach shot. #11 can prove difficult if the golfer does not plan well. With a huge dogleg right, the 315-yard hole #13 sets up well for the golfer who can fade the ball. If the tee shot fades in right, it can hit the ground, bounce on the downward sloping approach and come to rest just in front of the green where a chip and one putt can reward the golfer with a birdie.

Three par-5s on the back nine present the golfer with yet more risk and reward play and golfing challenges. On #12, a 525-yard doozy, the fairway winds through a wooded section of land that is flat except for the man-made mounds placed strategically throughout the hole. The designated “Signature Hole”, #14, a 515-yard par-5, begins with an elevated tee box and leads to a lake about 240 yards away. The fairway bends around the lake and opens up to a dogleg left approach to the elevated green. The second shot once again presents the golfer with a risk/reward situation. One can either use a long iron, fly over the waste bunker and trees, and attempt to hit the green in two, or play it safe and continue up the fairway to the green entrance. Lastly, the par-5 # 15 doglegs left around the pasture where about a dozen horses range free. Be careful to note that all fence lines are OB and the golfer should not attempt to retrieve wayward shots.

Hidden Springs Golf Course offers golfers of all abilities the risk and reward challenges associated with all of the fine Hill Country golf courses. From elevated tees and greens to scenic outcrops and boulder-style distance markers. The Double B Ranch and Resort offers Play-n-Stay packages that combine luxury Hill Country accommodations and great golf at very reasonable rates. Call 830-990-4122 for the latest specials or visit the website at Double-B-Ranch.com. When its time to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, or you’re planning a friend of family outing, be sure to consider “Everyone’s Destination” and visit Hidden Springs Golf Course. See page 63 for direction. You won’t be disappointed.


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