Pro Tip: Let's Fix That Slice For Good!

What causes a slice?

An open clubface causes a slice. What causes an open clubface? That is the Million Dollar Question! Most of the time the clubface is open at impact because the golfer swings on too steep of an arc on the downswing causi
g the club to swing down and to the left of the target. To avoid sticking the club into the ground the most natural thing to do to avoid the deep impact into the ground is to block your forearms up and open which will keep you from digging a hole to China but also opens the clubface and causes the dreaded left to right spin that sends the ball sailing to the right.

Here are some ideas to help shallow out your downswing as to avoid having to block your forearms open and opening the clubface. First let’s get the feeling of a swing from more inside by pulling your right foot way back (go ahead and exaggerate this) and let your shoulders point to the right a little too. Next, let’s make some practice swings of the ground about knee high. Make sure that your left arm stays close to your body on the downswing so you get the feeling of the clubface turning over (this is the release feeling you never feel when you block your forearms). Next, make sure you finish higher and all your weight should end up on your left foot. Also, while were at it let’s make sure your left hand grip isn’t turned too far left. The “V” made between your left thumb and forefinger needs to be pointing at least to your right eye. Any further left than that it is too weak.

Make several practice swings holding that left arm in and then let a couple rip! Watch the ball move from the right to the left. As you get better at this you probably won’t have to exaggerate the stance so much but get the feeling first.

By Chris de Keratry

Director of Golf & Instruction

Oak Hill Golf Range & Forest Creek Golf Club


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