The Hawk Golf Club in Spring Branch

The Hawk Golf Club in Spring Branch Here we are with another course review about another course that has changed owners and names in the recent months. And once again, verything they have done at The Hawk has been for you, the golfer.

Tucked away in Spring Branch, The Hawk has been a favorite of many area golfers for many years – as Rebecca Creeks Golf Course and as Rayner Ranch Golf Club. Well, within the past year or so, there wasn’t much talk about the course, and people started wondering.

Now there is The Hawk Golf Club, and though there weren’t many big changes necessary for this Hill Country tract, there are some being worked now, and more to come. Some holes have been swapped (2 and 18) for better flow of the play. There is the Hawk’s Nest Beer House when you make the turn for a cold beverage and food to go. There is a new outdoor wedding area with the picturesque Hill Country in the background.

The vision of the new owners, Bill Smith and Gary Lawton along with Head Golf Pro Tony Kirby have The Hawk soaring to new heights. First, they have a 12-foot high limestone wall separating the driving range and part of the #1 fairway. What used to be unsightly, is now a fresh look. As you head to the first tee, there is a new archway that acts as a facade of going from one room to another.

The small bridges are also done in limestone, reminiscent of some moderately famous golf course “over the pond”. Why the bridges you ask? Because of a new creek being constructed that ties in 2, 10, and 18.

The nearly famous 19th Hole has been redone, and some changes to the Cabana Bar are also noteworthy.

During the review, we were able to spend some time with Donny Staton, who pointed out many of the upcoming changes, which we’ll review at a later time. His dad, Robert is the designer of the new distinctive Hole signs on the course. And while we were there, it was his sister Kim who was running things in the Hawk’s Nest.

New grounds equipment, carts, along with the already mentioned construction changes have help in the rebirth of this tract. The conditions of the course during this review revealed the attention to detail that Bill, Gary, Tony and crew are going to for this course. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The beverages are cold, food is good, and service is top-notch. It is truly a change for the better.


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