The Legends Golf Course

Under New Management, and Lookin’ Good!

Over the last several years, I played the Legends Golf Course in Kingsland three different times. I was always impressed with the location of the course and the thoughtful layout. I was not quitso impressed with the attitudes of the pro shop personnel and what I perceived as the slow, but sure degradation of the condition of the course.

(It was finally closed down and not reopened until January of ‘07) I am pleased to report that, after playing it the first week in October, some major changes have been made under the new management team, and all the changes are for the better! The attitude of the support team members was very positive, very helpful, and, most importantly, they displayed a real sense of pride in what they were doing to bring the Legends up to its full potential.

After checking in at the full-service pro shop, we warmed up on the driving range and then headed for the practice putting green. The green was fast and true and it was obvious that distance control with the fl at stick was going to be a challenge.

As we worked our way around the course, (designed by Tom Kite and 7,260 yards from the tips) I was most favorably impressed with the condition of the greens and the bunkers. Many of the sand traps in the Hill Country are known for the size of the boulders that reside in them; they’re better described as gravel pits than bunkers. But all the beaches at the Legends were beautifully groomed and contained real sand. The greens ran just like the practice green did; very true, and about a 9 or 10 on the Stimpmeter. Just as I suspected, it took me a few 3-putts to finally get the hang of the proper speed. On many of the holes, as you stand on the tee box surveying the landscape, it’s quite easy to become intimidated by the presence of the many fairway bunkers.

As I told my playing partner, “I haven’t seen this much sand since I visited Padre Island.” Seriously, on a couple of holes, it appeared that there was no place to put the ball on the fairway, given the shape of my tee shots and the distance I generally hit them. However, as you drive around and on the course, you realize that the initial appearance was deceiving, and that there is ample room to thread your way through the bunker mine fields. You just have to give each shot a bit more thought than you normally do. In a couple of places, there were noticeable ruts and bumps on the fairway margins, but the course superintendent and his crew are hard at work smoothing them out with frequent applications of sand and soil. The fairways themselves had recently been verticut, and your golf ball stands proud on the freshly mowed surface. As with all golf courses, there are a few holes that seem to stand out in your mind after you’ve played them.

At the Legends, Hole #7 is one that is burned into my memory bank. It’s a 480 yard par 4; dogleg left; fairway bunkers left; and a multi-terraced green with traps on the left side. I refuse to say how many shots it took me to hole out on this one, but I will admit that it was more than 4. I strongly recommend that you place the Legends on your short list of courses to visit.

Once you do, you’ll be hooked and coming back for more!

For tee times, call 1-325-388-8888; visit their web site at


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