Tip from the Pros: Do You Know How to Practice?

First tip of the year is guess what…

PRACTICE!! But many of us don’t know how to practice. We just go down there and hit balls, and many starting out with the Driver making the biggest, hardest, and fastest swing that we can to hit the ball r
ally far!! That is how we hurt our muscles, backs, timing, and ego.

All you have to worry about is two little things…like DISTANCE..& Direction. Hardly anyone works on DISTANCE and its 50% of the SHOT!!!!! Find a place to practice where you know your distances…walk them off if you have to!

One should start out by making little swings; working “up” through their bags with the sand wedge, and then pitching wedges, then shorter irons, middle irons, and then long irons, and finally fairway woods and last but not least….THE DRIVER! Everyone must “WARM UP” much like in any other sport. Are we athletes? Ya DAGONE BETCHEM RIGHT! We use every muscle and bone in our bodies to swing the golf club.

How many times have you had to wait for your playing partner while they hit a few chips and pitches??? Hardly ever..because most people don’t practice the short game!! WHY…because most people think that they are going to hit every green???? I don’t think so…I just don’t think that we are taught how important the short game is!! The Touring professionals work 3-6 hours per day on just short-game. Fine Amateur players practice hours on putting and chipping/pitching and oh yeah…sand too! Go test some bunker shots, hit some pitch shots, then end with some chip shots. Then hit the putting green……!! WHY…Putting is only about 50 % of your score. If you hit every green …18 of em…that is 36 shots. (par 72) If you TWO PUTT each of them…that’s another 36 shots, or a total of 72…most of the time that’s par. FIND OUT where you are weak and strong, and then practice those areas to improve your talent, so that you can improve your bottom line score!

Practice as much as possible in the sand…be a great chipper, be a great putter, be a great short iron player, be a straight, great driver of the ball. BE GOOD at some part of the game and it will reward you every time. Don’t be JUST A BALL-BANGER!

Think, SEE..FEEL..and TRUST, setup to the ball the same way every time including putts and short shots!! That’s what you should practice.!! Have a great NEW YEAR….and find time to practice to improve.


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