Golf Tip by Chris de Keratry

Golf Tip by Chris de Keratry

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Ball in the Rough Again? No problem!

Chris de Keratry
Director of Golf & Instruction
Oak Hill Golf Range & Forest Creek Golf Club

Okay so you usually don't have to play out of us US Open rough, but some of us cringe when we have to hit out of the thick grass. Here are some ways to let the Rough not Rough up your score!

As with all trouble, your first goal is to GET OUT! If it means going 90 degrees with a sand/pitching wedge and not aiming at the be it! As long as we don't have to stay in the rough on our next shot!

The low trajectory is caused by the thicker grass grabbing the club closed at impact. Turn the grip handle in which the club face is slightly open that way when you swing, the grass will grab the club square rather than closed. You will be amazed at how high the ball can actually go and how much easier your club can get through the rough.

Any difficult shot or short game shot needs a bit of control, so don't be hesitant to grip down toward the shaft of the golf club.

PICK THE BEST CLUB for the lie. You can use a short iron to fairway wood with this shot, but make sure that deeper the rough, you need to add loft by picking a club shorter than normal.

APPLY to SHORT GAME as well.

FUNDAMENTALS are the same: a good grip, good posture with a natural arm hang, and hitting the bottom of the arc are always the focus of any shot.

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