Oak Hill Golf Range

Oak Hill Golf Range

Southwest Austin, TX

P: (512) 892-5634

  • Lighted Golf Practice Range

  • Putting & Chipping Greens

  • PGA Professional Instruction 

  • Club Repair & Custom Club Fitting

Located in Southwest Austin on the Eastbound Hwy 290 Service Road between Loop 1 and Monterey Oaks

Oak Hill Golf Range

Chipping Simplified

Save strokes around the green by eveloping this simple method to get our shot close enough to the hole or one putt and for fewer putts.

Mason Wilkins
Golf Instructor, Oak Hill Golf Range

Feet together:

Since a chip shot requires a smaller wing you need a smaller setup. Setting you feet close together minimizes lower body motion during the swinging motion in addition to helping “think smaller swing.”

Grip down for control:

As in all short game shots, gripping your hands closer to the shaft allows you to  have a bit more control for the shorter swings.

Pick an intermediate target:

Pick a spot just over the fringe where you want to ball to land. You should always focus on this spot in your practice swing and in motion. This takes all focus off trying to fly the ball to the hole, minimizing “peeking.”

Same swing, just change your club to change how much roll you need:

If you incorporate the same length swing (example, a knee length backswing & down swing) with the same pace (ex. 10mph) on your backswing and downswing, you will get more consistent results every time. A less lofted club will roll more and a more lofted club rolls less. Start seeing patterns in how muc roll you get with each club. In order to get consistent results, we all need to be consistent in how we “think” and practice. Applying this chipping method will allow more confi dence around the greens and ultimately lower your scores.

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