13th Annual National Father & Son Team Classic

13th Annual National FATHER & SON Team ClassicAs curious little boys evolve into men who know everything, they gleam much of their worldly knowledge from their fathers, absorbing behaviors, vocabulary, values, work ethic and a sense of who they will be – like freshly unwrapped sponges. Of course all of that information and understanding doesn’t pass from parent to child through osmosis. As is often the case, father and son will discover a shared passion or common ground ideal for cultivating the closest of bonds.

Whether it’s Little League baseball, Pop Warner football or a Saturday morning soccer league, sports often serve as the vehicle for forming that special friendship. But is there any better way for a father and son to learn about life and each other than by playing a round of golf together?

The most humbling and human of all sporting pursuits, golf teaches us patience, honesty and persistence. Throughout the course of every round, we recognize the fleeting nature of success and the constant hard work required to sustain it. We learn to brush off disappointment, while vowing to do better the next time. We learn that we’re vulnerable to mistakes and to the whims of the sometimes unexplainable world that we live in. We learn to project humility when we’re victorious and to be gracious in defeat; each one a worthwhile trait our dads try to instill in us as we come of age.

Golf also gives us the chance to turn off our cell phones for the afternoon, silence our Twitter accounts and Facebook feeds and forget about everything except the next shot and present company. Isolated from the world, father and son can come together.

Some of the most memorable moments in the long and storied history of golf feature father and son teams. The sport’s greatest champion Jack Nicklaus shared his improbable victory at the 1986 Masters with his son Jackie, who carried the bag for his dad that week at Augusta National. Nicklaus was 46 years old when he fired a 30 coming home to capture his sixth Green Jacket and his son was at his side to revel in the utter improbability of the moment.

While this unforgettable event played out in front of millions, special moments that mean just as much to those involved unfold across tees, fairways and greens each and every day. Isn’t it time you had yours?

“My son John and I have just attended our 8th consecutive Father-Son,” beamed Rich Hassan after competing in a recent Father & Son Classic. “John started when he was 15. This is an absolutely premier event, run very professionally and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. It has truly been the one event that has nurtured our relationship the most, one of the goals of the tournament, so for that we are grateful.”

Since 1998, hundreds of father-son golf teams have descended upon the Grand Strand to spend quality time with family, enjoy a few competitive rounds of golf side-by-side and celebrate the special relationship between student of the game and the man who taught him to love it.

Mark your calendars for July 22-24, 2010 when fathers and sons unite in “The Seaside Golf Capital of the World” for the 13th Annual National Father & Son Team Classic. Visit us at www.fathersongolf.com or call (843) 497-2627 for more information.

National Father & Son Team Classic

Myrtle Beach, July 22-24
www.fathersongolf.com or (843) 497-2627


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