Cleveland's New HiBore XLS Goes Extreme!

HiBORE XLS driverCleveland Golf has introduced the family of HiBORE® XLS drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. In utilizing Distance Driven GeometryTM, they have lowered the crown which, in turn, lowers the center of gravity (CG) to produce the only face-centered sweet spot in golf.

The HiBORE XLS driver has a 17% larger face and 13% higher MOI, compared to its HiBORE XL predecessor. The HiBORE XLS offers maximum size and increased stability for added confi dence and control off the tee.

Its dual alignment features, which include a crown plaque and stability foils, also make it much easier to properly align the club at address.

The HiBORE XLS fairway wood has 24% more head volume when compared to the original HiBORE fairway and it also boasts vastly increased MOI for increased stability and greater accuracy. The HiBORE XLS fairway has a 19% larger face and offers players a larger hitting area which makes the club look and feel extremely hittable. This increased size allows results on mishits to dramatically improve, while also giving players an added sense of confi dence when addressing the ball.

The HiBORE XLS Hybrid incorporates science into a PGA TOUR inspired shape. Tour feedback has led to a more blunt toe and symmetrical shape for an extremely appealing look at address. Its increased offset promotes a square face at impact, helping to prevent slices and offering greater directional and trajectory control.

For more information, visit , or call your friends at The Golf Club in Austin at (512) 916-GOLF.



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