What is GolfTEC?

GolfTEC is revolutionizing golf instruction. Our fact-based golf instruction system combines the skills of PGA teaching professionals with a patented blend of video, motion analysis, launch analysis and biofeedback technology a
med at helping golfers improve their golf skills and, ultimately, derive more enjoyment from the game.

Guaranteed to challenge your existing perceptions about golf instruction, GolfTEC merges traditional golf instruction with next generation teaching tools for the ultimate golf lesson experience. Our industry-leading technology provides specific data on your golf swing that helps us develop a training program matched to your individual skill level. Our exceptionally talented PGA teaching professionals reinforce observable data using the latest teaching methods so that you truly understand how to improve your game. When combined, this is the best golf instruction money can buy.

How Does It Work?

GolfTEC’s PGA teaching professionals use the SEVA Pro computer to help analyze the golf swing. SEVA Pro is a learning system that combines high-speed digital video cameras with real-time motion measurement. This advanced technology is the key to GolfTEC’s accurate swing analysis. Tiny sensors are strapped to the golfer. These sensors measure the motion of the golfer’s swing. The SEVA Pro system measures shoulder turn, shoulder tilt, shoulder bend, hip turn, hip tilt, and hip bend throughout the golf swing. GolfTEC has tested over 150 tour pros with its motion-analysis computer to build a golf swing database of what really happens in a golf swing. Most golf instructors teach based on their philosophy or swing theory. GolfTEC’s teaching pros base their critique on factual data.

The SEVA Pro video system utilizes two high-speed (60 frames per second) digital cameras. The student’s swing is recorded from a down-the-line (side) view and a front view. The swing can be played back in slow motion so the student can see their faults. Tour pros are then compared to the student side-by-side so the student can see the difference between the correct and incorrect positions. Lines are drawn to illustrate the instructor’s points, and the entire lesson, including audio, is sent to a WebLesson for the student to view at home or at work on the Internet.

According to GolfTEC Vice-President, Mike Clinton, “This new motion analysis technology allows us to see what the eye can’t see by taking measurements”. Once the swing motion is analyzed, the faults are shown to the student on the video along with examples of the proper position. Biofeedback tones are then set to help the student fix the problem. The computer can make a beep when the student is in the correct position. “This beep allows the student to feel the perfect position on their first swing,” says Clinton. The TEC in GolfTEC comes from what the company believes are the three keys to play good golf: Technique, Equipment and Conditioning.
Where Can I Start Improving My Game?

There are several GolfTEC locations in the Texas Hill Country. In San Antonio, GolfTEC – North Park is located at 126 West Rector, Suite 116, San Antonio, TX 78216. Chris Jefferson is the Director of Instruction and can be reached at (210) 366-2704.

There are two GolfTEC locations in Austin. GolfTEC – Arboretum is located inside Golfsmith at 10001 Research Blvd., Austin, TX 78759. GolfTEC – Austin Showroom is located inside the flagship Golfsmith at 11000 N IH 35, Austin, TX 78753. Darron Green is the City Manager and Director of Instruction, and can be reached at either (512) 231-9797 or (512) 873-4888.

All GolfTEC store locations can be found on the Web at


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