Natural Golf - A Departure From the Classical Swing

The term, “natural golf,” may seem like an oxymoron to those of you who’ve recently taken up the game. There’s not much that’s “natural” about swinging a stick at a stationary ball. Even for experienced golfers, when things start to go wrong with the r swings, they are rarely able to self-diagnose and repair the faults. There are a whole lot of things that need to go right before a person can reliably and accurately strike the golf ball.

Natural Golf offers an alternative to the classical golf swing that requires fewer moving parts and less movement of those parts. There are 4 differences in the Natural Golf approach to ball striking. Each difference introduces a more intuitive, user-friendly way to handle the tools of golf.

First, the clubs are gripped in the palms of your hands. There is no overlapping of fingers. I found the grip to be more comfortable than the conventional, interlocking finger grip. Secondly, the golfer is taught to use the “single plane, straight line” set-up when addressing the ball. When properly set up, the club and the body will be start out at the same position they need to be when impact occurs. In the conventional golf swing, the player’s feet should be spread to about the width of the shoulders for most shots. The third difference in Natural Golf is that a wider stance is recommended: feet spread outside the shoulders. This wide stance provides better lower body balance and acts as a control for the tendency to over-rotate the hips during the back swing. Lastly, Natural Golf teaches you to face the ball during the moment of impact, thereby reducing the rotating of the legs, upper body and hips.

I recently had a 3 hour introductory lesson with Frank Walsh, PGA Teaching Professional and certified Natural Golf Instructor. Frank explained the Natural Golf approach to the game, demonstrated the four basic differences, and had each student practice a few drills to begin getting the new process imprinted in our muscles and minds. I found it quite easy to pick up, and, was soon hitting the ball straighter and more accurately than I ever had.

I like the Natural Golf approach and have incorporated it into my game. I will track my progress for the next several months and report back to you how I’m doing.

Contact: Frank Walsh,PGA-NGCI
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