Release The Club!

Chris de Keratry
Director of Golf & Instruction
Oak Hill Golf Range & Forest Creek Golf Club

Release The Club! How often have you heard that advice? Just what exactly does that mean? Does it mean to roll your hands over through impact? Does it mean “Hit it like a tennis racket”? Depending on who or where you hear the term, it could mean any number of things. Another confusing phrase you hear a lot is “ you are releasing the club too early”. 

Let’s clarify what a “Release” is and who needs to work on it. First of all for all you slicers out there this is for you. When a golfer hits a fade, cut or slice (a ball that curves to the right for right handed golfers) the side of your hand is facing the target through impact. If you picture the back of your hand as the same as the clubface then this starts to make sense. Most players I know try to fix a slice simply by turning their hands into a stronger position. (more to the right for right handers) Sometimes that is a good idea, especially if you have a very weak grip to begin with. However, suppose you have a nice neutral grip, or strong grip and still slice. Strengthening your grip may put a band aid on the problem but not solve it. People tend to hit the ball with the side of their hand (I call it a karate chop) because their swing is to steep or too much toward the ground during the downswing. Fixing a steep swing is important, but that is another lesson altogether. I want you to learn how to get the back of your hand facing the target at impact. It is the most effective way to keep the club face from opening at impact and causing that weak shot to the right.

Let’s start by hitting a few chips around the green. Grab your 8 iron and practice.

Chris de Keratry is the Director of Instruction at Forest Creek Golf Club. Chris teaches players of every level. Chris has students that are just getting started in the game and he also has 6 difftent tour players he teaches, including PGA Tour winner Wes Short Jr. Whether you're just getting started in golf, already play at a very high level, or anywhere in between, Chris can help you. Please feel free to call Chris for any instruction questions @ 512-388-2874.


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