Scott Shreiner Municipal Golf Course

A Hill Country Beauty That’s Getting Prettier!

Scott Shreiner Municipal Golf CourseThirty-seven thousand. 37 thousand. 37,000. Any way you spell it, it’s a big number. And that, gentle golfers, is the number of rounds of golf played at Scott Shreiner Municipal Golf Course in Kerrville each and every year. That works out to a little over 101 rounds per day, every day 365 days per year.

You may be tempted to leap to the conclusion that a course that gets a beating like that, day in and day out, would display some battle scars: tee boxes and fairways with wall-to-wall divot marks; green surfaces beaten into a state of ugly scar tissue by unrepaired ball marks; cart paths in disrepair; ball washers that don’t wash balls; you’ve seen all these signs of abuse on courses that don’t have 37,000 rounds played on them in two years! But you won’t see any of these “hard use” symptoms at Shreiner.

The course is well loved; well loved by the professionals on the staff that tend to its every need; and well loved by a majority of the golfers that regularly play there. The staff treats the course like they do their front yard. They obviously take personal pride in seeing to it that “their” golf course is in the best possible shape for their customers. The players fill their divots; they repair their ball marks, (and any others they may see) as they work their way around the greens.

This lovely course, in the city limits of Kerrville, was originally designed by Bredemus/Kaiser, and then redesigned by Joe Finger in 1999. It meanders through the southeastern part of Kerrville, offering a variety of challenges to every level of golfer. The 530-yard, par 5 hole number 17 is the No. 1 handicap hole on the course. And it should be. The fairway is framed by a large body of water on the right, and a wall of trees on the left. A long, straight drive is the first requirement; err to the left and your only option is to chip out; err to the right, and it’s splash-down time. Your second shot must take you straight on down the fairway and position you for an over-the-water shot into the green. The green is small, surrounded by water on 3 sides. If you’re not dead-on with the approach into the green, you can figure on adding some pretty big numbers to your card! It’s a great hole; a true “signature” hole, and if you par it, you can take some real pride in your golf game. The rest of the holes throw a variety of challenges at you. There are 21 bunkers scattered around the greens and fairways; water comes into play on 12 different occasions, and the fairways vary from tight to wide open. This 6,500-yard, par 70 tract is really a wonderful, interesting golf course, and with four sets of tee blocks from which to choose, almost anyone can fi nd their comfort zone.

While the golf course is pristine, work is in progress, on a huge scale, to upgrade the clubhouse, the parking lot, and ingress and egress to and from the facility. Road-work, landscaping, and redesign of the general “user friendliness” of the facility, will all come together by March of 2009 and will take Scott Schreiner from being a top drawer course to being the most exclusive and beautiful municipal golf course in the state of Texas. I strongly urge you to put this course on your “must play” list, both for now, so you can see it as it is being tranformed, to later in 2009, so you can enjoy the finished product! For tee times, call them at 1-830-257-4982, and visit their Web site


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