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Southwest GreensSan Antonio’s Southwest Greens can turn a golfer’s backyard into their very own personal playground by utilizing the state-of-the-art materials on the market to create a cutting edge fully-customizable putting surface. Why choose Southwest Greens, what range of services do they offer and how much does it cost? Golfer’s Guide sat down with owner Kevin Detmer to find out.

Q: Can everyone afford a custom putting green or practice area built by Southwest Greens?
A: It’s a common misperception that our putting greens are too expensive for most consumers; however, we can custom design a putting green to fit almost anyone’s budget. We’ve built everything from PGA Tour size greens to 200-square-foot greens that you can tuck into the corner of your backyard. Regardless of size, all our greens are built utilizing the same quality material and craftsmanship, allowing the consumer with the smallest budget to putt on the same quality green as some of the top players on the PGA Tour.

Q: Will a green produced by Southwest Greens be comparable to a green at my local golf club?
A: Absolutely! Our greens allow you to practice all aspects of your short game. We work with the customer to determine size, shape and slope, but all of our greens provide left to right, right to left, uphill, downhill and flat putts. A Southwest Green is also great to chip to or hit shots into if the green size is appropriate. Many of our customers are serious golfers and they want a green that they can practice the same principles taught by their instructors in their backyard. The speed of the green can be adjusted to the customers’ preference, but we typically build greens to roll at a 10 – 11 on the Stimpmeter.

Q: What sets Southwest Greens apart from the competition?
A: Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We don’t want our potential clients to rely on word of mouth or testimonials. If you’re interested in a Southwest Greens product, we want you to test drive one yourself. I always tell people that we have a number of greens from San Antonio to the Gulf Coast, and if they want I’ll put them in a car and let them see our product for themselves. Grab your putter and pitching wedge, come on over and experience one of our greens for yourself.

Q: Tell me about your other products.
A: At Southwest Greens, we offer a wide variety of synthetic turf products ranging from artificial lawn turf for residential or commercial use, tee lines, batting cages, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, sport fields and a specialized turf intended for pet kennels. In today’s environment we’re all more conscious about conservation and our synthetic grasses are a great way to save water and improve the aesthetic value of your home or business. Imagine having a maintenance free, beautiful green yard year round without the need for water.


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