Star Ranch Golf Club

A “Total” Experience

Normally, when you visit a golf course or golf club, you get a 4 1⁄2 to 5 hour taste of the place. Book yourself into Star Ranch and you can, literally, make it a “golf day.” How about a free breakfast, a free lunch, free range balls, and an opportunity to play as many holes of golf as you can cram into daylight hours? All for a fi xed price? On a beautiful course? That’s the Star Ranch Experience.

Nestled into the gently rolling, black dirt land that lays east of Austin and a bit south of Hutto, Star Ranch is a gem. Unlike its counterparts to the west, which are defined primarily by the sharp edges of limestone outcroppings and stunning elevation changes, Star Ranch beckons the golfer with wide open vistas and a gently rolling landscape. But this softly undulating lovely has teeth, in the form of signifi cant water hazards and enough bunkers to make a certain San Angelo golf course very envious. Most of the Tifsport fairways go from short grass, to first cut, to serious second cut rather rapidly. Lies in the first cut are generally pretty manageable. If you happen to find your ball in the serious rough, it will be most difficult to advance the ball too far down the fairway. Your best bet may be to hit out to the closest piece of short grass. Then there’s all those sand things.

Dozens and dozens of sand traps and fairway bunkers with built in golf ball attractors line the short grass alleys and surround the greens. A couple of the bunkers are not only huge, but they’re deep, and armed with very high lips. Fortunately they are chock full of very soft sand and are meticulously maintained. There are bail-out areas to aid in your escape, so bring your sand game and be prepared to use it. Overall, I found the course to be challenging, thought-provoking, but fair. To keep your score low, you really have to think about almost every shot. Club selection and a thorough knowledge of how far you hit each club (both carry and roll-out), is essential to keep the high numbers off your card as you work your way around this 7,000 yard course. The clubhouse, where you get to eat your free breakfast and lunch, is very large and laid out quite well. The pro shop is well-stocked and attended by employees who know their inventory and know their golf course. A practice putting green is just a few steps from the pro shop, and the Tifeagle greens run straight and true, just like the ones on the course. Distances to targets on the driving range are clearly posted and the hitting bays are spread out enough to keep each golfer safe from one another during warm-up.

You’ll enjoy the Star Ranch Golf Club experience; I know that we certainly did. The management team hasn’t ignored a single detail in making sure that their golfers’ expectations are met or exceeded. Go see them at 2500 FM 685 in Hutto; check out their web site at; or give them a call at 1-512-252-GOLF.


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