Swing Path

I’m often asked what are the most common faults I see in the students I teach? I think the most common fault after a poor grip is probably swing path. Most higher handicapped players bring the club too far inside much too early. Most of us have read r heard you have to hit the ball from the inside, which is correct, but the swing path must start back on a straight line.

Checking your path can be very simple. One easy step is to check the direction of your divots, are they straight, do they go to the right, or do they go to the left. If they don’t go straight you may have a swing path problem. If you do have a swing path problem then you probably have other faults that come from taking the golf club back too far inside too early.

Although there can be many faults that follow taking the club back too far inside, there are two major faults that are very common. The first is getting the golf club stuck behind you, when the club is taken inside on the take away, your body can be out in front of your hands and becomes almost impossible to square your club face, which will usually be open. The second fault you may encounter is coming over-the-top. The over the top move is very common when you take the club back too far inside. Again, when the club comes inside you must reroute the club, which leads to a loop in your swing, and there you go right over the top. Once again, check your divots, they are probably pointing to the left.

Now we know the problem, how do we fix it? Practice, practice, practice. The best way to grove taking the club back straight is to practice on a straight line. Practice taking the club back on a straight line on the carpet, or on a tile floor at home or at your office. Practice at the driving range, most ranges have hitting stations separated by two by fours, these are perfect for working on swing path. Place a ball two inches inside a two by four. Now swing your club along the line of the board both back and forward. Practice this and before you know it your divots will be pointing straight and your swing path problems will disappear.

By Bill Durbin

Teaching Professional

Northern Hill Golf Club

Phone: (210) 655-8026


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