The Golf Club of Seguin

Unknown to the many common golfers, is the fact that golf courses are bought and sold, have management company changes, or other behindthe-scenes efforts being worked on much of the time.

Fortunately, this has happened recently at The Golf Club of Seguin. The storied course, formerly known as Chaparral Country Club, was purchased about a year ago by the dynamic team of Jason York and Ken Whitaker. Ever since then, they have been focused on improving, as they say, the “product”. The product they refer to is the golf course. I can tell you this, they are making it happen A few years ago, under its former name, the course wasn’t even on my radar. However, in the past year, the concentration being made to the condition of the course, from tee to green, is very commendable. 

I can honestly say that I have not seen this tract as “play worthy” as it is right now. It is very evident that Jason and Ken are keeping true to their word about the “product”.

Of course, the pro shop and clubhouse area are basically the same, but that focus is on the “to do” list. As Jason stated, “You can have a phenomenal clubhouse along with a less than playable course, and you’re just not taking care of the customer.” He’s right. Do you go play a course because of the clubhouse? I know I never have. “We’re working on improving the course conditions first, because that’s what golfers, true golfers want.” added York. However, they did also get all brand new carts.

During our review we were able to meet up with a couple of golfers who were practicing for their round during the annual Golf Fest. Cam and Robert had played the course years ago and as recently as a few months back. They echoed the same thing – they were impressed with the condition and changes being implemented.

The layout of the course is one I have always liked. Maybe because it reminds me of one of my favorites I played growing up in Florida. It’s open, but not too open if you happen to get behind a tree! One marquee hole to mention is #13, which Jason refers to the left side off the tee as “birdie alley”. Though I only managed a par, running it up the left side, just off the fairway gained me a few extra yards, and a fortunate clear shot for my second.

The par 3, 15th hole has come back to be one of my favorites. No, I didn’t get an ace, birdie, or even a par. But standing on the tee box and seeing it now compared to even a year ago is short of amazing.

All in all, the crew at The Golf Club of Seguin are moving in the right direction. Disregard what negative “hear say” you might have come across, or if it’s been a while since you’ve been there. You need to make plans to play this course. The beverages are cold, the carts are new, the greens role true, and the staff is outstanding.


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