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Mark SewellThe most common question I get at The Tobacco Haus is “What do you have that’s new?” Well, this is the time of year when new cigars are released, and there are three new cigars that are really excellent smokes.

CAO (pronounced C A O, not Ciao) releases at least one new cigar a year, but I think this years Lx2 is the best cigar CAO has released since the 2001 release of the Brazilla. The CAO Lx2 (“Ligero-times-two”) is a medium to full-bodied, full-flavored cigar, and is named for the priming of the tobacco plant which produces a leaf that is dark, strong, and spicy.

The CAO Lx2 combines a Nicaraguan wrapper with a Honduran binder, and incorporates two different ligero filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The cigar is a medium to full bodied and has a subtle earthiness that hides behind a semi-sweet chocolate flavor and some definite spice. It is a smooth cigar with a lot of flavor. Again, I think this is one of the best cigars released this year.

Hoyo de Monterrey hit a home run with last years release of the Tradicion. They have done it again with the Legend. The Legend series is a Honduran-made cigar, utilizing a spicy filler that is a combination of Nicaraguan mainland tobacco, tobacco from an island off of Nicaragua’s coast, Ometepe, and Dominican ligero. While the ligero gives it strength,the other tobaccos gives it complexity. This allows the cigar to be strong, but not for sake of just being strong. This one had a kick to it right from the start. Bold spices from a bold cigar! Lots of flavor right from the get-go. One of my new favorites.

The most surprising release this year was from Macanudo. Yes, MACANUDO! A friend at the trade show told me about the new Maca-nudo 1968, and how it was an “awesome cigar!” I thought he was disillusional; until I tried it. I will put this in writing, “The Macanudo 1968 is one of the best cigars I’ve every smoked!” And I’ve smoked a lot. The blend features a Dominican and Nicaraguan fi ller that includes tobacco grown on the Nicaraguan island of Ometepe, volcanic land known for its rich soil that rises out of Lake Nicaragua. This cigar is medium to full bodied, with hints of leather, coffee and earth, and a touch of spice. This is not your daddy’s Macanudo, and will please many seasoned cigar smokers.

While there are many new cigars released each year, these are three that stood out. I love them all, and do not dare try and pick a favorite. Smoke all three, and tell me what you think. And remember, smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time.

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