What's Your GPA?

Remember in school how we always worried about our GPA? We always wanted to make the grade. In golf there is a GPA that very few players worry about. Yet, if we spent a little more time doing our homework, most all of us would find that we could hit + shots. The GPA in Golf? It’s simple. Grip, Posture and Alignment. Correctly doing these 3 basic fundamentals will get you 70% of the way to hitting good solid shots. The problem is most players spend very little time on these three. Follow these simple checks and you will definitely make the Grade.

1. Grip – There is nothing more important then a proper grip. Your grip, through the golf club, is your only connection to the golf ball. Holding the club correctly will do wonders for you game.

With your left hand, hold the club at the base of your fingers. When you close your hand, the left thumb should sit on top of the club with the “V” of the thumb and index finger pointing toward your RIGHT shoulder. Now take the two middle fingers of the right hand and wrap them lightly around the grip and slide them up to the left hand. If your left thumb rests along the lifeline of your right hand you are holding the club correctly. Maintain a light grip pressure. Think of the grip as a tube of toothpaste and squeeze it just enough to cover your toothbrush. This will give you a tension free grip and allow the club to swing freely.

2. Posture – Having a good athletic posture is a key to hitting good shots. You are making an athletic move when you hit a golf shot so you need to be in an athletic position from the get go. A good way to visualize an athletic set up is to think of how you would stand if you were guarding someone while playing basketball. Your knees would be flexed, your feet about shoulder width apart, your backside should be out and your weight evenly distributed. You should be ready to move. Too many times I see someone address the ball with straight legs, flat feet and a rolled back. This will lead to poor shots and a good chance of injury to muscles that aren’t “ready “ to react to a golf swing. Get in a good posture to hit a good shot!

3. Alignment – Proper alignments is paramount is setting the swing sequence in motion. If you don’t line up properly you must make compensations to get the ball to go where you want it to go. This will lead to bad mechanics and bad shots. Alignment, while easiest to do, is the most misunderstood. We stand beside the ball to hit it. This creates two target lines. Our ball is on one, our body the other. You aim the ball and your club on the line you want the ball to fly. And you aim your body Parallel to this line. Understand, your body should always be aimed slightly left of your target line. Anytime you practice, lay a club on the ground and use it to get the proper feeling of good alignment.

Your GPA in school was always something to work on and have as solid as possible. In golf, your GPA is the key to successful shots and solid play. Work on all facets of your Golf GPA and give yourself the opportunity to make the Honor Roll.


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