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What do Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, Walter Hagen, Arnold Palmer, Babe Zaharias, Kathy Whitworth, Carry Middlecoff, Hale Irwin, Nick Faldo, Bernhard Langer, Payne Stewart and Vijay Singh all have in common? In addition to being current and future Hall-of Famers, they’ve all played Wilson Staff equipment.

The company that introduced the first sand wedge, the first offset irons, the first laminate wood head, the first fluid-feel irons and the original combo set will celebrate its 90th anniversary with the re-launch of the legendary Wilson Staff franchise and the largest product introduction in Wilson Golf’s history. Two new drivers, 3 new sets of irons, 2 new wedge models, 9 new putters and 3 new ball designs showcasing new PhD aerodynamics.

For the past few years, Wilson Golf has focused much of its marketing and equipment technology on average golfers with such products as the Deep Red Fat Shaft irons and metal woods. Now with the return of the Staff brand, the company will begin fighting at the premium level once again.


The two multi-material Staff drivers are named Pd5, as in Performance Driver, and Dd5, as in Distance Driver. The Pd5, with its 400cc head, is geared to the more advanced player seeking control and workability. The Dd5 has a 460cc head designed for players seeking more forgiveness off the tee. Both include a Nano-carbon composite crown producing a higher launch, lower spin and longer distance.


The three new iron sets are the Fi5 forged iron, the Pi5 performance iron and the Di5 distance iron. The Fi5’s are the first forged irons made by Wilson in the last 6 years and are designed with the center of gravity moving from lower in the long irons to higher in the short irons to give players advanced shot-making capabilities. The Pi5’s feature a back-weighted design that gives players the advantage of higher flight with more forgiveness yet also allows for lower, more controllable ball flight for maximum shot-making. The oversize Di5’s include a heel notch with their undercut cavity back, progressive offset and a lightweight carbon weave supported face resulting in an improved feel and longer, straighter shots.

The standard weight Wilson Staff Tw5 Tour wedge has three lofts—gap (52-degrees), sand (56-degrees) and lob (60-degrees), while the copper-tungsten-insert wedges lower the launch angle and the lofts to 50, 54 and 58 degrees. There’s even a note on the package warning golfers that the extra-sharp tour grooves that promote more spin may also scuff golf ball covers.


Hoping to put a new spin on your game, Wilson Staff’s new balls will showcase the new PhD Aerodynamic 312-flat-bottomed, extremely-shallow dimple pattern. The 2-layer Dx2 will help players hit straighter shots, the 3-layer Px3 will help them control it better and the 4-layer Tx4 will help the low-handicapper hunt more pins. Split it, work it, stick it, Wilson Staff has a new ball that delivers tee-to-green performance as easy as, well, 2-3-4.

For more info on Wilson Staff equipment or dealers, visit www.wilsonstaff.com.

Wilson has collaborated with designer Kirk Currie to create a line of putters, the Wilson Staff KC Putter Series, that can be custom-fit to help golfers adjust their putter by length, lie, loft angle and weight. The putters feature a unique, adjustable weighting system that allows players the ability to customize the weight and balance of their putters from grip through the putter head.


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