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Building A Quality Home is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

When considering building a new home from scratch there is a right way and a wrong to approach it. Please allow me to share with you what I have found to be successful over the years.

First set a budget. Decide on a number that you can afford and then scale back on that number as much as you possibly can. I personally believe that your home expenses should not exceed 30 percent of your net income. These expenses should include taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance. If you borrow the maximum that you qualify for and the future brings an illness or a job loss that puts a squeeze on you, the lean period can be ridden out easier if you are not having to decide between keeping your home or feeding your family. This step is the hard one and the one that most people skip. If you will honestly complete this first step the rest is easy. The folks that I have seen struggle are the ones who skip step one and go straight to step two.

The second thing to do is find your land. Decide if you want a city lot or acreage (what I call the "ranchette"). With a city lot usually all utilities are available where as on an acreage homesight the need for a water well and septic usually occurs. A good real estate agent can be very helpful in this phase. Once you find what you need it is ideal to design the home to fit the property. Any preconceived plan can work with some forethought but a custom plan is probably in order if you have specific needs for living and furniture configurations.

Following these steps, find a builder you can trust. This may take some time if you really interview and reference them well. A reputable builder will be able to send your lender their financial statements with no reservations. They should offer you a client list that you can call and interview. If these two criteria are met, you can feel certain that the company is being run with diligence. Also, it will never hurt to check out the builder's integrity in the community. By no means is this a perfect formula but it will remove most of the doubt.

If you have any unanswered questions please call my office any time. I hope this information is helpful and God bless you in all things.

As a business owner my goal is God's glory and your satisfaction

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