Boccieri Golf - Small Company, Big Ideas...Heavy Putters

Boccieri Golf - Small Company, Big Ideas…Heavy PuttersHow many strokes do you waste on the green? If you’re like most, the answer is too many. One company helping thousands improve their stroke is Boccieri Golf: Maker of the Heavy Putter.

The inventor of Heavy Putter Stephen Boccieri – previously a nuclear engineer by week, scratch golfer by weekend – spent his free time evaluating equipment from all manufacturers, finding structural inconsistencies across the board. Boccieri began modifying the equipment to improve performance.

He applied engineering principals to the construction of the putter and found that adding weight in the head and grip was most effective in promoting consistency. This combination provided enough total weight to engage the body’s larger muscles and disengage the wrist and hand muscles, leading to a reliable pendulum stroke.

The “Original” Heavy Putter was released in late 2004 at a weight of 900 grams, nearly twice that of a conventional putter. It was immediately adopted by top professionals, including Troy Matteson who won the 2005 Nationwide Tour money title using the brand.

In 2006, the company released the Matte Series, identical in technology and weighting to the Original, but featuring a non-reflective finish. Shortly thereafter, Matteson won the PGA Tour’s Open, causing a snowball effect as his peers saw the performance enhancing capabilities of the Heavy Putter.


Boccieri Golf - Small Company, Big Ideas…Heavy Putters

The next evolution came with the Deep Face Series, featuring a face one-quarter inch taller than standard putters. This positioning aligns the equator of the golf ball with the “sweet spot” of the clubface, allowing for an optimal transfer of energy and improved putting.

For the creation of its next series the company tried a new approach.

“We really did our homework to launch the MID-WEIGHT Series, conducting research across the country to drill down exactly what golfers are looking for in a putter,” says Boccieri. “The results from extensive player testing were astounding, with seven-out-of-10 players preferring to have the new MID-WEIGHT in their bag.”

Featuring five classic designs available in a silver or black finish, the MID-WEIGHT Series weighs 750 grams – less than the company’s previous lines but more than a conventional putter (500 grams). Its reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

In just a few years, the Heavy Putter went from Stephen Boccieri’s basement to being available in 50 states and more than 30 overseas markets. It has received numerous awards and captured victories on the PGA, European, Nationwide, Asian, Canadian and European Challenge Tours.


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