GolfBetter Studio Uses AboutGolf Technology To Offer Revolutionary Golf Training To Chicago Area

The new GolfBetter Studio is a golf and fitness studio in Elmhurst, Ill. that offers one-on-one training by appointment only at the golfer's convenience. The private studio takes appointments 24 hours a day.

The GolfBetter Studio philosophy and that of its owner, Rick Koscher, focuses on how to make the body move correctly and how to re-educate the athletic movement to achieve improved golf performance and fitness. Koscher promotes purposeful practice and development of the golf movement through practicing athletic movement without a club.

Koscher uses aboutGolf technology, including an aG Studio ball and club tracking unit, aG Flix video swing analysis and aG Balance weight transfer analysis, for instruction with all levels of golfers.
"Many things are discovered when golfers are on the aboutGolf equipment," says Koscher. "Things my students can't refute and it facilitates the learning process."

Koscher's unique approach builds a fitness program that student's can do on their own throughout the week, at home or on the road, with weekly sessions at the studio. He believes a combination of golf instruction, fitness and proper equipment is the key to better golf. His three-phase assessment includes a stability and mobility assessment, a golf swing assessment and an equipment assessment to uncover your golf game weaknesses.

Koscher is also a certified Henry-Griffitts club fitter, as well as a Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute Golf Instructor & Fitness Instructor and holds a physical education degree.

"I believe 95% of the golf game can be taught indoors," says Koscher. "And it is a great place for women and beginners to build their game in private and then take it outside."

Koscher is so confident in the fitness-centric approach of GolfBetter Studio that he recently took on two pro bono students - a male and female youth golfer who missed the cut on their high school golf teams. Koscher believes one year of free training at the GolfBetter Studio will change the outcome of next year's tryout.

His studio, located 20 miles West of Chicago, is outfit with a fitness studio, sandtrap, putting surface and aboutGolf performance teaching bay, including aG Studio, aG Flix and aG Balance. Call to schedule an appointment - 630.632.9111.


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